PHOTOS: M&M’s Store Facade Receives Final Giant M&M’s and New Sign at Disney Springs

We’ve been watching the construction of the new M&M’s store in Disney Springs since the concept art for the store was released a year ago.

Now, the final large M&M’s have taken their place on the front of the store!


Along with the large red M&M sign, nine other smaller M&M’s cover the front of the store. These light-up M&M’s were added to the front of the store in groups, we reported when the first M&M’s were added a week ago.


There are red, orange, yellow, green and blue M&Ms on the storefront. The only original M&M color missing is brown.


We were also able to look into a small part of the store through the front window.


New with the latest M&M’s is this “Welcome to M&M’s” sign on the right side of the building over what will be the front door. If you couldn’t already tell what the store was going to sell, this sign will surely make it clear for you!


The overhang that now holds the “Welcome to M&M’s” sign was spray painted white. Prior to the latest work it was the same bright yellow as the storefront.

With these newest additions, the M&M’s store now has all of the major structural and design components we expect it to have before it opens! There have already been a couple of new additions to Disney Springs this year, like Gideon’s Bakehouse earlier this month.

Are you excited for the opening of this new addition to Disney Springs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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