PHOTOS: Giant M&M’s Shine Bright as M&M’s Store Facade is Fully Lit

We’ve been watching closely at the construction on the outside of the new M&M’s store in Disney Springs. Today we are delighted to see the giant M&M’s on the building shine at night!


We checked out the facade last night, and were disappointed to see the M&M’s only backlit. Tonight we got to see them in their full glory!


All nine of the giant M&M’s glow when the sun goes down.


The M&M’s seem translucent enough for us to see some of the lights shining through the circular props. The last of these M&M’s were installed only yesterday.


We are also excited to see that the small “Welcome to M&M’s” sign above the entrance door lights up as well! With the exterior of the new M&M’s store fully lit, we are hoping to see the store open its doors soon.

What do you think about this upcoming addition to Disney Springs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.