PHOTOS: NEW Interactive Super Nintendo World Website Goes Live

Super Nintendo World opens in just under one month! Hasn’t the time flown? And to promote the expansion, a new and massively interactive website has gone live to tell Guests all about Super Nintendo World! There’s details about the new attractions, restaurants, merchandise, and experiences all coming soon to the land, so let’s dive in! You can also visit the website by clicking here.


There’s tons of moving elements, like the splash page taking you through the land’s entrance pipe.


Once you arrive within the land, simply scroll through to see different experiences throughout Super Nintendo World.


You can get info about the flagship attraction, Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge on the website!


There’s also a few words about Yoshi’s Adventure. But the amazing thing is that on this page, everything moves just like in the park! All the moving elements on Mount Beanpole, the Yoshi cars, everything!


The same goes for the area relating to interactivity, with moving Piranha Plants, coins, and more!

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This page in particular lists off a few things we either knew or speculated based on the Nintendo Direct. For example, we knew about the Bowser Jr. challenge and punchable ? Blocks, but now we can confirm that Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad will be meetable characters in the land!


There’s also five possible Key Challenges to collect the three keys necessary to battle Bowser Jr.


We’ve seen plenty of sneak peeks about the food around Super Nintendo World, including parts of the menu at Kinopio Cafe, the new popcorn buckets, and even the menu for the Yoshi’s Snack Island snack bar!


There was also a little bit more sneak peeks at some merchandise items coming to the land, including a Luigi overalls T-shirt, a cushion featuring ? Blocks, a Star, and a 1-Up and Super Mushroom, and a Mario plushie! But there’s tons more yet to be revealed.

All of this is now live at, so be sure to visit and get excited for Super Nintendo World, opening February 4th! And be sure you stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for complete coverage of this exciting expansion!