PHOTOS: Yoshi Lassi and Green Shell Yakisoba Bun Revealed for Yoshi’s Snack Island at Super Nintendo World

We’ve already seen some of the special items coming to the Kinopio Cafe, Super Nintendo World’s counter service eatery. But how about the snacks you can feast on outside? Now we have a peek thanks to Super Nintendo World’s new interactive website! These will both be available at Yoshi’s Snack Island, adjacent to the new Yoshi’s Adventure attraction in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan!

Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese


The main snack at Yoshi’s Snack Island is the Green Shell Calzone! Created to look just like the iconic kickable shells from the Super Mario series, the calzone comes filled with yakisoba, or stir-fried noodles with a Worcestershire-like sauce, and cheese.

Yoshi’s Lassi


If you’re a bit parched after your journey with Yoshi, you can guzzle down on a Yoshi’s Lassi! There’s two flavors to represent Yoshi’s favorite fruits—canteloupe and mango.

Both of these will be available at Yoshi’s Snack Island starting February 4th within Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan! And if you’re curious how they taste, be sure you stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for the full review once the exciting expansion is open!

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