REVIEW: Baymax Burger & Adorable Lunch Bag Leave Us Satisfied at Tomorrowland Terrace in Tokyo Disneyland

Although the Happy Fair with Baymax has been once again indefinitely postponed, all of the adorable food and merchandise is on sale at Tokyo Disneyland anyway. One of the options Guests can try are these adorable Baymax Burgers, available at Tomorrowland Terrace. While burgers are to Tokyo Disney Resort as Tony’s Town Square is to Walt Disney World, we were actually alright with the results this time!


Just across the way from The Happy Ride with Baymax is Tomorrowland Terrace with Baymax. Well actually, it’s just Tomorrowland Terrace, but the personal healthcare companion seems like he’s everywhere in Tomorrowland these days!

Baymax Burger – ¥1180 ($11.37) Set, ¥780 ($7.52) Burger Only


The Baymax Burger is available as a set with French fries and a soft drink, or just by itself. When Cast Members hand off your order tray, you get the burger wrapped in this incredible Happy Fair with Baymax wrapper!


After unravelling, we can see that it’s rather close to the design for all of the merchandise released recently.


The back side of the wrapper features Baymax himself, along with the pattern for his eyes.


And then of course there’s the burger itself, with what is probably the most adorable burger bun of all time! They burned Baymax’s eye pattern right into the bun, how cute is that?


Inside, the burger is rather messy and hard to take apart, with a patty, a ton of teriyaki sauce, an egg, and lettuce in between the buns. It’s also quite messy inside the bun, with egg yolk and sauces getting everywhere. It’s quite easy to have a couple of spills or smear sauces on your hands and face as you try to unwrap the burger enough to eat.

And once you bite in? As I mentioned earlier, Tokyo Disney Resort typically has truly awful hamburgers, comparable to what you would be served in a middle school with a severe budget deficit. This one, on the other hand, wasn’t all that bad! It’s a bit messy, but the Baymax Burger offers a passable teriyaki egg burger experience, with the patty being saved by the sheer amount of teriyaki sauce and egg yolk that comes with each bite. The egg is cooked over easy, with plenty of yolk around that you’d better be careful doesn’t spill. All in all, it’s certainly passable. Probably one of the better burgers I’ve had at Tokyo Disney Resort, but that certainly doesn’t say much. You’d still likely be better off going to any of the burger places in a two-station radius around the Resort. Lotteria at Shin-Kiba, McDonald’s at Shin-Urayasu, and Kua Aina in Ikspiari will all offer you much better Japanese-style burgers.

Baymax Burger Lunch Case – +¥1100 ($10.60)


The benefit of eating at Tokyo Disney Resort, however, is the chance to get the adorable commemorative lunch cases served around the parks! Only at Tomorrowland Terrace and only if you get the Baymax Burger set can you get this incredibly cute Baymax Burger plush lunch case! It’s super soft and squishy, reminiscent of the glove burger lunch cases sold at nearby Plazma Ray’s Diner. If there was ever a reason to eat this burger, it’s for this lunch case!

All in all, we were neither under nor overwhelmed by the Baymax Burger itself. We were merely whelmed by it. If you want to try for yourself, the Baymax Burger is on an open-ended run at Tomorrowland Terrace, while the lunch case is only available while supplies last. But given that Tokyo Disneyland is currently only allowing 5000 Guests to enter per day, there’s likely no rush for you to visit Tomorrowland Terrace and pick one up for yourself. Do you want to try the Baymax Burger or get your hands on the lunch case? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

You can watch us try all of the adorable Baymax food in our video below:

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