REVIEW: Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake Returns Slightly Modified at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

An old Disney’s Animal Kingdom treat has returned in a fresh form. This Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake is named for the cotton-top tamarin monkey found in Central America, South America, and Mexico. But you can find this cupcake at Creature Comforts (Starbucks).

Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake – $5.99


The cotton-top tamarin is pictured on the top of the cupcake, surrounded by tropical plants.


This is a caramel-filled chocolate cupcake with huge layers of green frosting and salted caramel buttercream icing, plus a few chocolate pearls.


The chocolate cake itself was extremely moist and soft. It had a nice, rich chocolate taste. Inside, the caramel ganache filling offered a subtle caramel flavor. It was neither too strong nor too sweet as caramel can sometimes be. It paired nicely with the chocolate cake.


Where the whole thing fell apart both literally and figuratively was on top. The huge helping of frosting and icing was entirely too much for a standard-sized cupcake. The salted caramel wasn’t distinguishable amidst the excessive green frosting and the basic white chocolate tamarin was too tough to cut with a knife so it had to be eaten separately.


The chocolate cupcake with caramel filling is nice on it’s own with a limited amount of frosting included in the bite, offering a tender and well-balanced cupcake. Do yourself a favor and skip the overuse of frosting and you’ll enjoy this new iteration of the cupcake.

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