REVIEW: New Delhi Poutine Disappoints at The Daily Poutine in Disney Springs

The Daily Poutine has a new dish at Disney Springs. The food stand hasn’t had many special items this year—only their returning Oktoberfest poutine—so we were excited to try this New Delhi poutine.


New Delhi Poutine – $9.99

French Fries, Chicken, Tomato Curry Sauce, and Paneer Cheese


A tempting combination of flavors, this version of The Daily Poutine’s staple dish is disappointing in both it’s presentation and taste.


It is served with their standard french fries and covered in a combination of ingredients which add up to something that only minimally differs from chili. The tomato curry sauce does add a slight kick on the back end, but the chicken, paneer cheese, and ultimately the entire dish are forgettable.


The Daily Poutine is to the side of World of Disney in Disney Springs. Do you have a favorite poutine dish to snack on? Let us know in the comments.

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Tom Morrow
Tom Morrow
10 months ago

I thought this was a theme parks blog. So y’all are food critiques now too?

Tom Corless
10 months ago
Reply to  Tom Morrow

Pretty sure it’s theme parks food.