State of Florida Cites Walt Disney World and NBA Bubble In Petition to Host 2021 Olympics

State of Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis released an open letter to the International Olympic Committee encouraging them to move the 2021 Olympics from Tokyo, Japan to Florida. Some reports state that leaders in Japan are too concerned about the pandemic to host the 2021 Olympics, though Japan officials have denied these rumors.

In his letter, Patronis cited Walt Disney World’s operations and specifically the NBA “bubble” as reasons that Florida could successfully host the Olympics.

The State of Florida has successfully allowed sports to take place during the pandemic. When most states shut down their sporting events, the city of Jacksonville hosted the Ultimate Fighting Championship (the UFC) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) setup the “bubble” to hold games in Orlando. Moreover, during football season the National Football League (NFL) and college teams were able to compete on Florida soil. Additionally, our international tourist destinations, like Disney parks have been open and operating safely in Florida for some time. In fact, Disney serves as an incredible model for how to run a complex organization in the midst of COVID-19.   

Patronis also cited Florida’s capacity for tourism, with hotels and transportation networks that could accommodate the major sporting event.

Since Walt Disney World reopened in July, there have been no COVID-19 outbreaks linked to the theme parks. In November, Walt Disney World increased park capacity to 35% and Park Hopping was re-introduced this month with no known issues.

Do you think Florida should host the 2021 Olympics? Let us know in the comments and keep checking WDWNT for updates.

8 thoughts on “State of Florida Cites Walt Disney World and NBA Bubble In Petition to Host 2021 Olympics”

  1. This is as convincing as the Mayor of Miami stating that Miami is a “tech hub” for the companies moving out of silicone valley

  2. Yeah, how about no? It takes more than “hey, we can sequester everyone to be healthy” to host Olympics. Massive infrastructure requirements at the very least.

    Also, what about Japan? They’ve invested so much time and money into this, just to throw it out? Host cities are selected years in advance. I think it’s something like 8 or more. It’s not like they can just “make it up” to Japan by giving them the next one, the next open one is years out!

  3. yes the “bubble” worked the athletes were secured but there were few to no spectators. Why in the heck would Florida want the event if we cant exploit the tourists? Not to mention, venues, HEAT and HUMIDITY, and the fact that Tokyo can do all the things that WDW did (they do have a Disney there that is back up and running, right?)

  4. there have been no COVID-19 outbreaks linked to the theme parks” and Florida lies about their Covid infection rates so why would we EVEN believe this? Is everyone contact traced for 14 days after visiting a FL theme park? NOPE.

  5. This might work as an “olympics lite.” You wouldn’t be able to have some events like whitewater rafting, but track and field? Sure!

  6. I can’t see any way this could happen. It takes years of preparation to get a city ready to host the Olympics even under the best of circumstances. It also takes a ton of money. The NBA paid for their bubble, who would pay for this one?

  7. It would be a very good idea to have you benefit the state of Florida for businesses and the hotel network and has the NBA games as an example that everything was a total success God wants

  8. It’s just comical now, so comical! I am trying to not wake up my wife by laughing to hard at 3:36am!
    Thanks for the entertainment, it truly is refreshing and makes my day to read simply the comments sections of these articles. It’s the modern day “comic” section of the newspaper. I love it.

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