The Walt Disney Company Refuses To Make Monetary Contributions Towards Lawmakers Who Voted Against Electoral College Certification


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The Walt Disney Company Refuses To Make Monetary Contributions Towards Lawmakers Who Voted Against Electoral College Certification


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The Walt Disney Company Refuses To Make Monetary Contributions Towards Lawmakers Who Voted Against Electoral College Certification

In a statement today, The Walt Disney Company has taken an even stronger stand against the events that took place at the U.S. Capitol last week, stating the company will make no monetary contributions to lawmakers that rejected the Electoral College Certification which occurred on January 6th of this year.

This comes after Disney CEO Bob Chapek released a statement against the attack on the Capitol earlier this week.

Read the full statement below:


In the statement, the attack on the Capitol was deemed an “appalling siege”.

Disney is not the only corporation who is taking a political stand, as other large companies such as Coca-Cola and Walmart are making similar sentiments.

The announcement was made on Twitter by national political reporter Elena Schneider.

It is yet to be known what types of effects these recent political statements made by large corporations will have.

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36 thoughts on “The Walt Disney Company Refuses To Make Monetary Contributions Towards Lawmakers Who Voted Against Electoral College Certification”

  1. Hypocrites. Did they make contributions to the Democratic politicians that challenged the 2016 election results?

  2. Disney really shouldn’t be giving money to the GOP, for the following reasons:

    1. Members of the GOP are what’s keeping WDW open.
    2. GOP oppositions are the ones keeping Disneyland closed.
    3. Disney is losing so much money now that they even have to cut out the DME and EMH, they don’t have a dime left to give to anyone.

    In the future, when Disney comes to some money again, please do not blow it on politicians. Get the DME back, that’s the most important thing! And after that, I also want to get back the following:

    1. the Minnievans.
    2. EMH.
    3. free hotel parking
    4. free magic bands
    5. free luggage tags

    And exactly why is Disney bribing politicians? How does it help Disney? They need to give the money to the CMs.

    • Mary, you should really educate yourself before posting. Gov. Newsome, a wildly liberal Democrat, is what is keeping Disneyland closed, not the GOP. In addition, WDW is located in Orange County, FL, a largely Democrat-run county. That is the same juristiction that allowed WDW to open last summer. Get your facts straight before posting and saying virtually anything to slam the GOP.

      However, I do agree with you on Disney bribing politicians and lining the pockets of Execs with bonuses amid the largest reduction in force in the company’s history.

    • disney’s theme parks are a drop in the bucket to their overall company holdings – closing the parks saves them a ton of money on labor too – look at their most recent quarterly earnings – disney+ subs went thru the roof

  3. Shame on Disney for being so political. Objections have been made throughout our elections 2001, 2005, 2017 are just the more recent ones. I really hope Disney is reviewing their donation books to ensure they did not nor do they continue to donate to the ones that objected in those years.

  4. Billion dollar company does the right thing in the public view. How much did they save on taxes in 2016,17,18,19?

  5. Have not been to WDW in 15 yrs. Was planning a trip this fall. Cancelling! Corporations should not be political! They should be representing ALL people. Never heard any outcry during spring rioting.

  6. If Disney has to cut experiences, hault or slow down construction, and layoff employees to turn a profit they should not be giving contributions to politicians.

  7. I kind of doubt these wokey woke companies ever bothered to make contributions to non-woke heathens to begin with.

  8. Maybe Disney should focus on how their budget is tanking and not give $$ to any political person or party.

  9. My only question, did you stop donating to Democrats when, they refused to certify the election in the past. I bet you didn’t

  10. But they had no problem hosting Pence or any of the horrible GOP senators at the Grand Floridian a few years back. They need to apologize and vow never again to support any candidate on either side. Of course, that will never happen.

  11. The lawmakers did nothing wrong. They were doing exactly what the Constitution allowed. It would be different if the lawmakers assisted in the riot, but they didn’t.

  12. Disney getting into politics is dangerous. They’re watching where they spend their $$$. Ill watch where I spend mine.

  13. This company couldn’t be more politically and socially biased if they tried. I bet they continue to contribute to bureaucratic liberal Democrats and the CCP. But the hell with the GOP, right?!?!

    How about companies stop ALL political contributions! It is NOT your job to play politics, Disney. I’m cancelling my Disney+ subscription and will never return to their parks. I opt to vote with my wallet. Disgusting.

  14. Way to go Disney!! Put your money back into your theme parks for ALL dont Americans to enjoy! Ads for those that dont want to go to your themo parks…woo hoo. St aaas y home and watch tv. We will see you in Devember💕

  15. The problem is, you piss off enough Republicans ( majority of the working class is made up of Republicans) just to appease the left (majority of unemployed is democrat voters) then who is going to support you? Walmart, Disney, and all other corporations care about one thing and one thing only. Money. They don’t care about the people. That’s just the harsh reality of this situation. I hope to see Walmart and Disney, and all these other corporations fall Soon.

  16. Disney is just stacking up reasons for me dumping my DVC, AP, D23 and interest in their continuing declining reasons to spend my money there.

  17. Another bonehead move by Chapek. At least half of Disney’s customer base are conservatives. Great job Bob, piss off half of Disney’s customer bases. I’m sure the stockholders will love that. Gee Bob don’t you have some more minimum wage employees layoff. You are whats wrong with the country! If you want to be a political Activist than resign and move to D.C.

  18. Pretty dumb move Disney!! No surprise though they own all are media company’s, I guess they’re why pissants politians go into office broke come out millionaire and billionaire, after this BS have to pull my money out of there stock!!

  19. And so there’s your proof we need campaign finance reform. No politician should be allowed to receive money from large corporations.

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