Walt Disney World Updates Face Covering Requirements for Water Parks

Walt Disney World has updated their face covering requirements for water parks ahead of Blizzard Beach reopening March 7, 2021.

Face coverings will be required in designated areas for each Guest age 2 and up, including but not limited to the park entrance and exit, retail areas, and food and beverage ordering areas.

Face coverings will not be permitted while experiencing water slides or in the water. You may also remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.

This reflects Walt Disney World’s standard face covering requirements, which states they must be worn at all times except when dining or swimming.

Tickets are now available for Blizzard Beach. For more about face covering requirements and other COVID-19 guidelines at Walt Disney World Resort, check their Experience Updates page.

27 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Updates Face Covering Requirements for Water Parks”

  1. I might as well avoid the water parks, because the mask rules in the water parks are more confusing than the mask rules in the theme parks.

  2. Water parks should remain closed until more of the population can be vaccinated. Its not worth the risk. We all need to be patient.

    • Studies don show only 1.4billion are going to take the vaccine and its already proving to no be an effective tool Round the world. People who are worried should by all means stay at home and open up the world. Not one case has been traced to a theme park. If Chlorine doesn’t kill it nothing will.

    • And get Volcano Bay has been open for months with no masks and no issues.

      If you are afraid that’s fine but don’t try to control the behavior of others because you can’t control your emotions

  3. So you can walk to the slides in line and swim maskless and walk to other water rides maskless but then why require them at WDW? It’s arbitrary and hypocritical to require them at one park and not the other..I’m aware you cannot wear face coverings in the water but if it’s that deadly of a virus then why would they open up at a water park at all if it means you can’t wear a mask here at this particular park so no need to wear one at all but you can wear one at this park so you better wear it? How very intelligent of this virus that it only infects you at one park but not the other. Time to get rid of these do nothing masks all together! It’s nothing but theater at this point to please the Karen’s and that’s about it

    • I completely agree. We’ve stayed at many hotels across the western US and most of the pools Are open with these limited restrictions. The kids will play with others. We’ve all been Covid tested and still did not get it. Yes, it’s killed some people but look at how many more the flu has killed every year. I think the face mask thing is a joke. My husband is in the medical field and said if a contagious people coughs on you no mask except the N92 will work as the droplets will go right through the other masks. So why pretend they will? I think it’s time we all did away with the masks. Oh and let’s remember the vaccine isn’t even FDA approved yet. Until it is, a vast majority don’t want to be the lab rats for it. We don’t even know long term side effects yet!

  4. I love mask. At first I didn’t but now I’m addicted. I always wear two KN95 mask when visiting theme parks, it’s still very possible to breath through two, despite what people say, plus I guess you get the benifit of filtering out 190% of particles, so maybe its really a KN190 mask at that point?

  5. How are you supposed to carry it around and not get mask wet? They should be giving out disposable ones in those areas and also plastic bags with ties to tie to bathingsuit. Its already hard enough keeping car keys safe and dry. I wouldn’t go if this is whats required.

  6. sooooooo the way I read this is basically MOST people at the water park will not be wearing masks at all most of the time because HOW WILL THE CAST MEMBERS KNOW THAT YOUR NOT WALKING TO A LINE? Which means I will not be wearing a mask because I can’t get my mask wet right? Which means I will not be wearing a mask like 90% percent of time.
    I am good with that btw.
    Personally think masks are pointless, in MY OPINION, these things haven’t stopped any spikes/containing this thing whatsoever, that’s why I feel this way. The only way we could have stopped this virus was to stop living for over a year….maybe….and that isn’t happening so we are just going to have to move on folks.

  7. I’m a truck driver. We come into contact with more stuff and people than anyone else. I’m not sick. I just wash my hands a lot. Mask doesn’t do anything and vaccines can’t work because the virus changes to fast. So.. like us truck drivers. Get back to work. Open up the world. And shut up if you are scared. Just stay home. Let the rest of the world keep moving.

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