PHOTOS, VIDEO: Fireworks Testing Takes Place for Harmonious at EPCOT

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This evening, as we were heading home from Walt Disney World, we caught sight of some fireworks testing going on in the skies over EPCOT. Take a look at the testing for the upcoming Harmonious show in our video:

The Harmonious show barges have been coming out one-by-one to World Showcase Lagoon over the last two months. The centerpiece barge still sits backstage, and has had four arms added to its structure recently. With the show’s construction progress moving along at this pace, and the testing that has been going on with the other barges, it is a good sign that fireworks are being put through their paces as well.

Our readers responded with their own views of the fireworks testing from resorts in the EPCOT area. Twitter follower @JaneLPerillo submitted her view from Disney’s BoardWalk Inn:

Another follower, @CarrieThysse, sent in her video from the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort:

Thanks to our Twitter followers for submitting those!

Did you see the fireworks testing for Harmonious this evening? Let us know in the comments below.