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PHOTOS: Giant Arms Added to “Harmonious” Centerpiece Barge for New Nighttime Spectacular at EPCOT

As barges for Harmonious receive construction on the World Showcase Lagoon, the centerpiece for EPCOT’s new nighttime spectacular continues to sit backstage for its own construction.


Since our last update, Imagineers have added four arms to the heart of Harmonious.


As the centerpiece for Harmonious, these four additives will be used to enhance the nighttime spectacular. The flanking arms will be used for lights and other effects.


A closer look gives us a better idea of what to expect once the centerpiece joins the lagoon.


While we aren’t completely sure as to what the mechanics of this barge entail, these arms will be moveable as a feature of Harmonious.


Zooming into the centerpiece gives us a glimpse at the numerous lights installed on the barge.


Next to the centerpiece sits an additional barge that may make its way to the lagoon soon as it is completed.


The centerpiece barge will have a screen of its own (which looks to be made of falling water) to showcase beloved scenes from Disney and Pixar films.

As seen in the concept art, Harmonious will be a grand spectacular display of EPCOT’s message of global connection.

Are you excited for Harmonious to debut later this year at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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dawn L vasquez
dawn L vasquez
7 months ago

i love Disney and kinda feel badly for them, however these barges are hideous. If staying stationary all day they ruin the whole world showcase beauty. The worst decision in a long long time. Walt would be sick.

7 months ago

Looks like Elation Professional Proteus Hybrid moving lights on the main arc and what appear similar to the custom moving water spouts used in World of Color on the four arms.