Major Water Leak Floods Second Floor of Disney’s Boardwalk Villas


Major Water Leak Floods Second Floor of Disney’s Boardwalk Villas


Major Water Leak Floods Second Floor of Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

A plumbing failure at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas caused a water leak that resulted in flooding and drywall damage to multiple resort rooms. The leak happened between the second and third floors of the Disney Vacation Club Villas around 4am on Saturday, February 20th.


According to a post in a Disney Vacation Club Facebook group, sources stated that over 2 inches of standing water flooded multiple villas. The leak triggered the resort’s fire alarm system and emergency services quickly arrived at the scene.

The since-deleted Facebook post included images of seemingly severe ceiling damage, drywall damage, and standing water inside a resort villa. Industrial fans were spotted today to help repair the damage on both the first and second floor.

Disney has not made a public statement on the details surrounding the incident.

Stay tuned here at WDWNT for more on this story.

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5 thoughts on “Major Water Leak Floods Second Floor of Disney’s Boardwalk Villas”

  1. Lol emergency services “quickly arrived” 2 hours later. We evacuated ourselves from the room when the water had gotten ankle deep because no one assisted after 10+ phone calls to the front desk about our room flooding and water pouring through the shower light.

  2. I was in one of the affected rooms. It started around midnight, maybe 12:30, and the response was not quick at all. No MGMT even came to the room to alert us of the issue and it took them almost 2 hours to figure out where to place us, after calling 7-10 times. The maintenance man had no idea how to shut off the water, he was in the bushes with his flashlight by the pool for at least 20 minutes. Horrid emergency response for something like this – I don’t care what time it took place.

  3. When we stayed in September a giant chunk of ceiling fell out in the hallway and there were garbage cans underneath collecting water. We also had to call for help a couple times due to flooding in our bathroom while showering because the drains weren’t working.

  4. Water leaks in a Disney Hotel room or villa are very dangerous due the potential of electrocution. The recent flood at the Boardwalk Villas is a very serious matter and demands a response from Disney Management.

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