PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom 2/11/21 (Baseball Jerseys, Peoplemover Testing, Forts and Dividers)

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. Is there really any better introduction whether you are entering a theme park or starting a blog post. Well if there is, please feel free to leave it in the comments.


That being said, our day didn’t start at the parks, it started where all people going to the Magic Kingdom starts, at the Transportation and Ticket Center. A small tip from us, the parking opens up about 45 minutes before whatever park you are going to, [which is subject to change] and although a little early is worth it to not have the stress of large crowds all going into the park at the same exact time.


From our monorail we got to see the continuing work going on for the much anticipated Tron ride.


Now that we’re all caught up and we are walking into the park, the first stop is always into the Emporium where we find some cool new baseball jerseys. Which do you like better, Pizza Planet or the Minnie Mouse?


Now, properly dressed for the day, which was a lot warmer and humid than expected, our first stop is into Tomorrowland for a heart warming view of the PeopleMover testing.


Hi Stitch!


From Tomorrowland walking into Fantasyland we saw some work being done outside of Peter Pan and we’re still not entirely sure what they’re doing but scaffolding and skrim usually means something new and cool is around the corner, or so we hope.


With such a hot day, a few moments were needed to take in some conditioned air, refreshments and hydrate. We recommend Pete’s Silly Sideshow as it is a Relaxation Zone.


We grabbed some food at one of our favorite quick-service restaurants and a debate arose: if Pecos Bill could rope a tornado, shoot the stars in the sky and create the Rio Grande, why couldn’t he just jump to the moon or pull it down from the sky to be with his love once again, but that quickly passed as we had some of our chicken rice bowl.


From there with the crowds growing we decided to take a raft over to Tom Sawyer’s Island because we had heard that Fort Langhorn was open once again. It was, but all we found was the fort’s guard sleeping on the job, or maybe he was the night guard waiting for his shift. We tried asking but he was out cold and didn’t answer any of our questions.


A ride back, some more shopping, and we headed over to Animal Kingdom as we heard some changes were made to the train that takes guests to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Disney has added dividers to take more guests on each journey.


When we got there, it just so happens our timing was perfect as a drawing class was just starting. For today’s class, we learned to draw Terk from Disney’s Tarzan.


So now the real question is… how do you think we did? I mean I think our ears were a little big, but the cuteness and the hair is dead on if we do say so ourselves.


Ok, so we may have gotten there towards the end of the class and this is from a previous class, but he is still cute and you can’t blame us for wanting to show off.


We took one last look at the Tree of Life and ended another happy day at the parks and were even given a fond farewell from our friends Timon and Rafiki.


So until next time, we wish you many magical days ahead.

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  1. I’m disappointed with Disney parks. Our 2019 vacation was a disaster, and only one shining light made any attempt to make things better. From the minute we arrived, our room wasn’t ready because they booked us for Orleans place first instead of last. We stayed at art of animation, in the cars buildings, for four days. It was nice, the pools were great, and our wrist bands didn’t work right. I had to use the generic band instead of my personalized one for the first week, until it cracked and I got them to reprogram my other. At Orleans, they sent someone into our room everyday, even though we asked for privacy and no daily cleaning, just like at art of animation (which they left us alone the whole four days). We brought our laptops and accessories along for the trip, and there’s not enough secure storage for them all, so the less traffic in and out of our room the better. Then, as disabled guests, we asked for fast passes for the rides, which they were happy to accommodate, except they were spotty. We tried the meal plan on this trip, which is convenient, but not really worth the price tag. We did, however, get two sit down meals that added up to a hefty tag. We ate at the brown derby, which was a $200 meal for three, and was excellent. Then, we ate at california grill, just as the fireworks went off, and that was another excellent $200+ meal. For our multiple problems we had, we were issued several tickets for mini golf/espn wide world of sports, for which we golfed the morning we left for home. Our air fare had gotten screwed up by the airline, so we ended up driving there and back, from Michigan. It was 1,250 miles one way, and I drove straight through the night on each trip, just to get there on time. That’s 18 hrs one way. Yeah, I’m a beast like that, but I wasn’t going to let transportation get us down. I only can say that Walt would have done more, gave us more, and made sure our visit was magical. That magic is gone, because the board members care about money (profits and stock value) over customer satisfaction.

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