PHOTOS: First Set of Flag Poles Installed at EPCOT Entrance

Work continues on the entrance of EPCOT as the first set of flags has been installed in front of Spaceship Earth.


A second set will eventually flank the right side as well, just steps away from the recently unveiled fountain.


According to the concept art, the poles will hold flags with the EPCOT logo icon, but concept art isn’t always accurate.

Epcot Full 34579

As you can see, the art doesn’t even show the correct location of the flags. As we always say, plans change.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

Let’s take a closer look at the bases.


This area was behind construction walls until recently. We saw the new flag mounts in the ground, but the opposite side has had the mounts just sitting there for months with no visible activity.


So, what do you think of this latest addition to the EPCOT entrance area?

  1. Spaceship Earth is really going to look sharp flanked by the Epcot symbol (or who knows, 12 flag poles could mean the 12 pavilion symbols). Hopefully the two trees are removed from the base as seen in all the concept art. It’s really going to be a beautiful reimagining.

    1. Speaking of those two trees, who else remembers when there were towering palm tress (think Sunset Blvd at HS) flanking Spaceship Earth back in the day? I really hope Disney brings back that asthetic. Fond memories of taking photos in front there as a kid circa 1989!

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