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PHOTOS: Relaxation Station Closed in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Moved to Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We reported last year that a new Relaxation Station opened in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but that location has now moved to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular theater. These locations provide a safe space to sit and relax without masks, which will be particularly useful as the warm summer months approach.


A sign is posted where the Relaxation Station existed previously, directing guests towards the new location.


This space is now used as a queue for the Black Spire Outpost Market, a needed change given the confusion that would ensue when cast members would cutoff the line at capacity.


Relaxation Stations are designated mask-free zones where guests can take a socially distanced break while still remaining safe. This one has two entrances: one at the actual attraction entrance and another near Backlot Express.


The inside of the theater is being used as a mask-free Relaxation Station, as the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! remains closed indefinitely.


Sections of rows are blocked off to help maintain social distancing between groups of guests.


Signs on both the benches and ropes help to clearly indicate where guests are able to sit, making sure they are far enough away to safely remove their masks.


There is plenty of space for guests to spread out safely at the Relaxation Station.


The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! remains closed, unlikely to return soon.


Set pieces seem to be moving around, although the purpose is not known.


Guests can find additional Relaxation Stations throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Star Wars Launch Bay continues to act as a Relaxation Station on the opposite side of the park.

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Ethan Anania
Ethan Anania
7 months ago

Launch Bay should had been the one relaxation spot that should had closed, so Launch Bay can close and be walled off for a new experience for WDW’s 50th anniversary