Disney MagicMobile Service Now Rolled Out to Guests, Allowing Phones to Act as MagicBands

Tom Corless


Disney MagicMobile Service Now Rolled Out to Guests, Allowing Phones to Act as MagicBands

After only a short period of testing with cast members, Disney has rolled out the MagicMobile service to guests at the Walt Disney World Resort. Those with Apple devices may already access the service via the menu in the MyDisneyExperience app and set up their digital ticket.


The service allows a guests mobile device to act just like a MagicBand, tapping to enter theme parks, and even connecting on-ride photos to their accounts.


Guests can create a Disney MagicMobile Pass for themselves and others, a digital ticket of sorts. There’s even a few designs to choose from that will animate upon park entry.


Many readers told us they were hoping there would also be a Disney Vacation Club Member exclusive design for the pass. Well, there it is.


Once you select a design, you can add the MagicMobile Pass to you Apple Wallet.


The app notifies you that your MagicMobile pass should work without unlocking your phone.


If you have multiple Disney MagicMobile passes, the instructions are provided as well.


Disney MagicMobile service will also open your hotel room door, a function that was already available via the MyDisneyExperience app.

So, will you be dropping your MagicBands for MagicMobile? Will you use both based on what is convenient at the time? Let us know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Disney MagicMobile Service Now Rolled Out to Guests, Allowing Phones to Act as MagicBands”

  1. We will never stop using the magic bands. What is more convenient than than having something on your wrist? No need to dig it out of your purse, bag or pocket. It’s right there ready to go.

  2. I’m excited for this feature to be rolling out, but it isn’t 100% clear to me if this Magic Mobile Pass will work as a room key at a Disney resort. The screenshots above say you can use the app to unlock your room (as you could before through a somewhat clunky procedure), but are these passes on your phone/watch set up to passively unlock your room too? If they aren’t now, is it coming soon?

  3. HMMMM i wonder if this also allows them to track you after you leave the parks. You are being tracked every second you wear your magic band in parks. Some of you may not care, but especially if my CC information is attached i would llike assurance that this is hack proof. sorry married to a computer architect and its scary how much data is unprotected and it is a concern.

    • I am a software architect. This is a valid concern, that said, if you have already given disney’s data ecosystem your info via the web, which you had to to link them to your magic band, then you’re already hoping for the same things you are here.

      If you’re worried about tracking, and already have the Disney app on your phone that’s where you need to focus this. In both cases, this is little different, save for convenience.

      My take is, assume the world is insecure, and keep an eye on your own accounts for irregularities.

  4. I won’t use it. I will stay with magic bands.
    Please stop wasting your time and money on these unnecessary changes.
    I plan this as a family trip and that’s the last thing I want is all our heads in our cell phones.

  5. Kewl. I love Magic Bands but I can’t wait to set the Mickey Mouse watch face on my Apple Watch and use it just like a Magic Band.

    Now, if they make it so Mickey talks like he does when you press the watch face, saying things like, “Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!” or “You’re going to the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train!”, that would be awesome!

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