cinderella castle stage refurb

PHOTOS: Installation of Heating Elements Seemingly Complete on Cinderella Castle Stage for 50th Anniversary Makeover at Magic Kingdom

A couple of days ago, we reported that metal grating and heating elements were installed on Cinderella Castle Stage amidst its refurbishment at Magic Kingdom. Today, it seems that the addition of heating elements is complete on stage-right.


Of course, during this refurbishment, temporary shrubs, fencing, and scrims are used to conceal the work being done.


Behind the first set of scrim, we can see some metal grating being stored in anticipation of installation on the stage.


Metal grating encapsulates the floor framing and heating elements on the left side of the stage.


It seems as though the installation of heating elements and fins is now complete on this side.


Though there is no scheduled end-date for this project, work has been moving along swiftly. Soon, the right side will reflect the left as the refurbishment moves onto the next phase.

Keep reading WDWNT for updates on preparations around Magic Kingdom for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration!”

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Gordon G. Richards
Gordon G. Richards
5 months ago

Could the “heating elements” really be cooling lines for creating ice for a skating based show?

Tom Corless
5 months ago

Not likely.

5 months ago

Do we know what the heating elements in the stage will do, or what they’re for? Curious!

Tom Corless
5 months ago
Reply to  DNoggle

Supposedly keeps moisture off in certain conditions.