PHOTOS: Metal Grates and Additional Heating Elements Added During Cinderella Castle Stage Refurbishment Preparing for 50th Anniversary at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle is in the middle of an “EARidescent” transformation in preparation for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. The stage in front of Cinderella Castle was recently stripped of its flooring so a brand new stage can take its place. Floor framing and heating elements were added to the left side of the stage, and now metal grating and additional heating elements were installed as well.


The wooden floor frames cover the entire length of the stage with the exception of a long metal section in the middle.


The heating elements now stretch across both stage right and stage left, filling in almost every groove of the floor framing.


Only one small section of framing is without heating elements or fins, although we expect that to change soon.


Metal grates sit on top of the heating elements on the stage left side, and the two sides of the stage will likely mirror each other soon.

Stay tuned here at WDWNT for updates on construction projects in preparation for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration.”