PHOTOS: Pavement Work Continues Near Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

EPCOT is in the middle of a complete reimagining which includes projects both big and small. The newly updated entrance includes new flags, background music, a fountain, and even new pavement. We’ve been watching the paving progress across the grounds beneath Spaceship Earth where, just days ago, new pavement was unveiled next to its mirrored support and today shrubs block a new section so work can begin.


The temporary shrubs now block off an area just before EPCOT’s Pin Trading Headquarters. The area that was completed earlier this week sits farther behind the wall of shrubs, directly beneath Spaceship Earth.


The red pavement seen above will be removed and new light grey pavement will take its place.


The area currently under construction can be seen just behind the new EPCOT main entrance fountain.

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