PHOTOS: Plexiglass Dividers Added to Load Platform of Na’vi River Journey As Boats Undergo Modifications at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Plexiglass dividers and physical distancing markers were added to a multitude of attractions as an enhanced COVID-19 safety measure. The Na’vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom received plexiglass dividers for at least one boat recently. Now, the loading platform in the queue also has plexiglass dividers installed.


Dividers of plexiglass help separate guests while they wait side-by-side to board their boat.


Each row has a layer of plexiglass on top of the handrail. This is installed in an area that would otherwise be difficult to keep guests distanced without limiting the attraction’s capacity.


The installation of this would indicate that all of the boats will be receiving the plexiglass divider between the two rows.

Multiple attractions have received similar health and safety precautions. The latest set of plexiglass dividers to be installed was in the queue for Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom.

Stay tuned here at WDWNT for more updates on safety precautions at Walt Disney World.

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Prince Naveen
Prince Naveen
6 months ago

Make is stop!! How much more ridiculous “healthy and safety” measures must they roll out??? Just treat your Guests like real people and don’t take away from the experience nor the ride asthetic.