PHOTOS: McDonald’s Fry Signage Spotted at The Friar’s Nook at Magic Kingdom

We spotted a fun little throwback today while checking out the new menu at The Friar’s Nook at the Magic Kingdom. The quick-service dining location was known as the Village Fry Shoppe until 2009 and was home to hotdogs and McDonald’s french fries. The old menu board highlighting the restaurant’s offerings at the time was unexpectedly spotted this morning.


What is now known as The Friar’s Nook is home to an ever-changing menu of items such as vegan brats, fried twinkies, and even unique macaroni and cheese creations. The throwback sign reminded of us of the days where Disney and McDonald’s had a sponsorship and the famous shoestring french fries were available at the theme parks.


We spotted the old sign for The Fry Shoppe at The Friar’s Nook today, although the McDonald’s french fries are not available. The old sign showed some tape damage, but the offerings from approximately 2009 can still be seen.

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While a full-service McDonald’s restaurant is available on property, unfortunately the fast food items have not been available for purchase inside the parks for quite some time. It’s also pretty cool to see the 2009 prices and how things have changed in the last 12 years.

Do you miss being able to purchase McDonald’s french fries at Walt Disney World theme parks? Let us know down below!

  1. This also shows how rapidly they’ve jacked up prices in recent years. I mean, $5.79 for a 1/4 pound hot dog AND fries!! Just a mediocre hotdog now is at least 10 bucks

  2. Yes!!! Miss the fries so much!!! Bring them back!!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸŸπŸ’•

  3. Don’t miss them. McDonalds fries are available everywhere. I like the new trend of more upscale and themed food options. Thank you Butterbeer for showing Disney the way…

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