PHOTOS: Track Installation Continues at Fantasyland Station for the Walt Disney World Railroad in Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney World Railroad has been closed since late 2018 due to the construction of TRON: Lightcycle / Run. The railroad tracks have been rerouted and replaced in many areas and now new track is being installed near the Fantasyland Station.


The rails and railroad ties we spotted last time are still staged on the platform. The new railroad ties are made of synthetic materials rather than wood.


Caution tape has been erected further down the track, where a railroad tie has been placed. There are more construction vehicles past where the track goes in two directions than we’ve previously seen.

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Last month, we saw synthetic railroad ties being installed on a stretch of track visible in Frontierland.

Do you miss the Walt Disney World Railroad or was it an attraction you skipped? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Miss it. Great relaxing break (like people mover). Also a great way to skip across park when your feet are tired.

  2. Yes we miss the Railroad we loved hopping on it for a little break. Can’t wait till we can go on it again.

  3. I’m really looking forward to the return of the train. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the ride, but even when you weren’t riding it, there was a special feeling seeing it at the Main Street station or just seeing/hearing it around the park.

    The synthetic ties don’t look so bad from the pictures. From a distance they read properly. I’ve seen concrete ties used elsewhere so the ones Disney picked are the best option.

  4. I’m a huge WDW railroad fan. I’m a little concerned about the plastic cross ties. They usually have a smaller cross section than timber ties which makes it so you can get away with less ballast in most areas. They’re definitely more durable than timber ties but they’re also stiffer and noisier. The stiffness might result in a bumpier ride.

  5. As a train guy first and foremost, I absolutely miss the Walt Disney World Railroad, and I’m certainly hoping that the trains will make their grand return to the Magic Kingdom in time for the 50th (Though that might just be wishful thinking on my part.)

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