REVIEW: New Plant-Based Bratwurst and Impossible Burger at Lottawatta Lodge at Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Today marks the reopening of Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park. Along with a new covered seating area, quick-service restaurant Lottawatta Lodge also has an updated menu. Lottawatta Lodge has made the switch from Beyond branded plant-based meat to the Impossible brand due to the partnership that happened during the water park’s closure, so we decided to try out the new items they have to offer.


Guests are encouraged to place a mobile order at Lottawatta Lodge. One side of the stairs at the entrance is marked exit only.


Physical distancing markers lead up to the regular counters for non-mobile ordering.


Mobile order is relegated to the right side.


Like at other self-serve stations around Walt Disney World, the self-serve drinks station is blocked off with tables.


A Cast Member will instead get your drink for you and put it in a cup. You can the transfer to the refillable cup if you’d like.


Bratwurst Sandwich – $9.99

Served with sauerkraut, mustard and Greek pepper


The bread on this “sandwich” is nice and soft. The sausage is packed with flavor both inside and out thanks to the roasted peppers and pickled onions.


This is better than most meat-based sausage at any Disney World counter service restaurant. It honestly tastes more like real meat than they do. As always, the fries are excellent: thick, tender, and tossed in a special seasoning with a light kick. This is a great meatless offering.

Impossible Burger – $11.99

Served with plant-based chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and cherry pepper


Disney World counter service burgers are usually so bad that we would eat this over Cosmic Ray’s any day. The problem with the bun on both dishes is that they aren’t toasted, making for a missed opportunity that could really elevate both of these as the “meat” is pretty solid.


As with Impossible products, it has a charred hamburger taste on the front end but a vegetable-like aftertaste on the back end. That being said, it’s rather enjoyable and the bun is at least buttery, likely being fresh out of a bag.


The plant-based chipotle mayonnaise adds a creaminess, but not much flavor.


Fries came with both meals, even though we ordered tortilla chips and apple slices.


The chips are just basic, salty tortilla chips, and there’s no special reason to order them.


The apple slices are prepackaged as always, but they’re good enough.

Sadly, a lot of the great stuff from Lottawatta is now gone, but these plant-based options will certainly enchant some guests. There is also a new boozy version of the salted caramel milkshake we reviewed two years ago. It seems the tofu “crab” cake that was newly listed before reopening, as well as the previously available tofu rice bowl, have been removed from the menu.

How do you feel about these new menu options? Let us know in the comments. For more information about the reopening of Blizzard Beach, click here.

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