REVIEW: New Strawberry Shortcake Verrine and Potato Chip, Pretzel, and Chocolate Covered Snacking Sandwich Cookie Available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’re in the mood for something sweet while strolling down Sunset Boulevard, look no further than the Sunset Ranch Market. The market is actually comprised of several quick service dining locations, but today we are grabbing a few new treats found at Rosie’s All-American Cafe.


Strawberry Shortcake Verrine — $5.99


The strawberry shortcake verrine is served in a small plastic cup, allowing us to see every layer of shortcake and strawberry filling.


The crispy pearls and freeze dried strawberries add a wonderful pop of color and a nice crunch to the treat. The freeze dried strawberries add a nice touch of strawberry flavor from the start. The whipped cream is fresh and delicious.


The shortcake is pretty basic, although good. The strawberry mixture has a strong strawberry flavor. It is made primarily of halved strawberries, and we think it’s pretty good.


Overall, we would get this again and we think it isn’t a bad treat! We do wish it had mint, like the Strawberry Mint Verrine that was available some time ago.

Snacking Sandwich Cookie — $4.99


This snacking sandwich cookie is the perfect snack for those who love a sweet and salty combination.


The shortbread cookie is dipped in milk chocolate and topped with pieces of potato chips and salted pretzels.


The shortbread cookie is heavy on the butter and quite salty.


The chocolate melted quickly and while basic, is still nice milk chocolate.


The marshmallow fluff had a strange airy texture, although it still had a nice flavor.


We happen to be big fans of salty and sweet flavor combinations so we enjoyed this snack. It was a little dry, so we are grateful that we had a cup of water handy.


Will you be trying either of these new treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments below!