Third Harmonious Screen Barge Now in World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT

EPCOT’s new nighttime spectacular, Harmonious, is expected to debut sometime this year. Work seems to continue daily on the barges and the centerpiece ring that make up the focal point of the show. Today a third barge moved into its new home on World Showcase Lagoon alongside the others, leaving just one more before the “compass” is all in place.


The third screen barge (or “taco” as some call them) sits right in front of the Japan pavilion, blocking most of our view of the pavilion from across the lagoon.


The barges all angle in towards the center ring. The remaining barge will mirror the one that joined the lagoon today, just on the other side of the center ring.


The barges have lighting and water features that will be utilized in the show and the fountain feature will supposedly help hide the barges during the day.


The view from the Canada pavilion has the barges blocking most of the America Gardens Theater across the lagoon in the American Adventure pavilion.


The back of the barge can be seen from the Japan pavilion. Luckily there isn’t as much of a view to block from this side of the lagoon.


The concept art gives us a better look at how the barges will be used as both the focal point for the nighttime spectacular and as a fountain during the day.

Are you excited for Harmonious to debut sometime this year? Let us know down below!

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1 month ago

Why can’t they move them backstage during the day like the other barges?

1 month ago
Reply to  Jeremy

yes, I totally agree….I wonder why they can’t do that??

Marky Mark
Marky Mark
1 month ago
Reply to  Michael

Rumors are that while it was discussed internally to bring them backstage during the day, much like the old Illuminations globe, parks management deemed that moving all four barges caused far too long of a circulation disturbance at the draw bridge near the China Pavilion: essentially causing a wait four times as long as previously experienced. This was not viewed as practical because of those who would be stuck waiting at the bridge for possibly over 20 minutes.

1 month ago

I don’t care how much spraying water you have, those eyesores will not be “hidden” during the day. Who’s idea was it to ruin the view all day for a brief nighttime show?

1 month ago

I’m glad we are all on the same page about it. I’m sure the barges will be beautiful in action, BUT they themselves are ugly, and during the day obstruct the amazing views of the other countries!

Last edited 1 month ago by Lindsey
The Skipper
The Skipper
1 month ago

I’m going to hold off judgment until they are turned on as fountains. They might be interesting to look at – and hear – during the day. (Or they might be a total eyesore like they are now:)