Disney Village in Paris concept art
Source: OutsidEars

BREAKING: Concept Art Revealed for Disney Village Overhaul Project at Disneyland Paris

Not long after revealing the layout of the proposed expansion and remodeling of the Disney Village at Disneyland Paris, OutsideEars is at it again, this time showing us concept art for the long overdue makeover of the shopping, dining, and entertainment district. Well, that or it’s a very elaborate April Fool’s joke…

Courtesy of OutsideEars
Courtesy of OutsideEars

As mentioned previously, the walkways and open spaces with be filled with greenery and water features not currently present.

Courtesy of OutsideEars

In the art, we can see the new McDonald’s, water features, new architecture, and a Hard Rock Cafe.

Courtesy of OutsideEars

The art evokes the style of the Villages Nature Paris for sure. Buildings have European influence, but moderns styling with a lot of glass and steel elements.

Courtesy of OutsideEars

The above art is supposedly a new food court complex near the existing Sports Bar.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
Courtesy of OutsideEars

The elevation above shows the architectural plan for the block beginning with Annette’s Diner.

You can read more about the above art (and some speculation as to what is in it) from OutsideEars.

Sadly, there is no current timeframe for the execution of this project, but it looks to be a positive plan for the future of Disneyland Paris.

What do you think? Is this leaked art real, or an elaborate ruse for April 1st, 2021?

  1. April Fools! Hard Rock Cafe is the giveaway as Hard Rock Cafes seem to belong to Universal. They wouldn’t have Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock

      1. Glad this is true, especially being from the UK I’m not that far. Also think Hard Rock is slightly better than Planet Hollywood. Kinda strange having the both as they kinda the same will therefore be competing for the same crowd I guess?

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