BREAKING: “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop” to Replace Removed Animatronic, A New Finale for The Jungle Cruise

Shannen Ace

Jungle Cruise Lost and Found Trader Sam Gift Shop

BREAKING: “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop” to Replace Removed Animatronic, A New Finale for The Jungle Cruise

Shannen Ace

Jungle Cruise Lost and Found Trader Sam Gift Shop

BREAKING: “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop” to Replace Removed Animatronic, A New Finale for The Jungle Cruise

Though the Trader Sam animatronic has been removed from the world-famous Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, his name will live on in a new finale scene announced by Disney.


Concept art for the scene reveals the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Lost & Found kiosk, on the former site of Trader Sam’s platform. Alberta Falls, the company’s proprietor, has left Trader Sam in charge of the lost and found, and he has taken the opportunity to rebrand it as “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop.” Unfortunately, animals have overrun the shop while Sam is out collecting more inventory.

It seems Trader Sam himself won’t be returning to the attraction, but we’re glad his name will remain.

Refurbishment of the Jungle Cruise to remove offensive material and update the story is ongoing while the ride continues to operate at Walt Disney World. The iconic rhino pole was removed earlier this month to receive a new cast of diverse characters. The Disneyland version of the ride will not be reopening with the rest of the park, so there’s no telling how many updates it will have received by the time we ride it again.

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  1. Huh. That looks pretty nice! Looks like the scene will be nice and detailed, and making Trader Sam an unseen character is a simple way to keep him in the attraction. It’s still always a little sad to see changes to classic attractions, but this continues to look quite promising.

        • I don’t understand why we reduce this art form to “theme park rides”. This company has spent 65 years telling us about the artists and craftsman who make these amazing things, and then the second we disagree with someone, we degrade the content back down to “it’s just a theme park ride”. We can’t have it both ways. It’s fine to have a differing opinion, but the “it’s just a theme park ride” argument is just as childish and ill-informed as what it is in opposition of. We all need to be able to have reasonable discussions about these changes without such thoughtless responses.

        • What’s ridiculous is why people foolishly think they should be changed. They are just fine the way they are and have been for years.

          • If not for the company of artists and craftsmen that entertained us for 65 years, we wouldn’t have had the original versions of these rides to enjoy in the first place. The reason we had a Trader Sam character to begin with is because a private entertainment enterprise chose to include him, not because the public demanded it. Had Trader Sam never been created, guests wouldn’t have known what they were missing. Now that same private company is deciding not to retain something that was its choice to include in the first place. Whether or not you think it’s just fine the way it is, people seeing this attraction for the first time won’t know the difference, and those who WILL know the difference now get the benefit of having experienced more than one version of this attraction and will always have their memories of the original.

  2. I love that disney is still honoring the history of the attraction while still making sure everyone feels comfortable riding it!

  3. Did you see the small sign on the right of the stand that says ”Cruise Photo Here?” Does that mean this will become an attraction photo ride?

  4. the on ride photo will be a fail, the folks on the left side of the boat will have to painfully turn their necks to get in the shot, (which only the fans will know that theirs a ride photo op here), regular visitors wont even turn their heads for a photo

    • They will likely havr the skipper instruct everyone to look toward the camera…

      If they decide to get rid of the canopies on the boats, they might be able to get a clear shot from the front. Idk how the WDW ride is set up, but at DL there are places they could position a camera to get a frontal view of the entire boat.

      • I really hope the Florida boats retain the canopy. The Florida heat and rain make it effectively mandatory. Removing the canopy in California might work, but would look out of place / out of theme.

        I was hoping the camera inclusion was just part of the gag, with the new Jungle Cruise scene being a parody of “every Disney ride ends with a gift shop and photo opportunity.” In fact, I have heard WDW skippers joke about such things when entering the Cambodian Shrine / Shirr-Lee Temple. So, maybe/hopefully no real gift shop and no real photo op.

  5. Stop getting rid of the things we loved and was the fun and part of Disney magic and History…if you see any thing racist you need to check your heart. We are ALL GOD’S CHILDREN .

    • I think you mean “if you SAY anything racist, check your heart”. Disney did just that, which is why they removed a racist depiction of an indigenous South American person. Honestly, if you have a complaint about Trader Sam becoming a legitimate business man – rather than the racist caricature he once was – I think that says a lot about how you view Native South Americans… legitimizing Trader Sam is the best thing Disney could have done for the character, for the ride and for representation.

      • I’m not really against any of this but at the same time we need to look a the time lines I guess. I’m just saying it so don’t come at me. I am however excited about the SEA characters coming to the ride. I think that’ll just add to some great Disney story telling

    • This has to be one of the rudest comments that I have ever seen on this site. Not sure why an admin accepted this rude comment to be viewed.

  6. This is so dumb. Disney removed Trader Sam but adding a gift shop to make money. Woke Disney all about money.

  7. I just can’t imagine being such a thin skinned softie that anything about the old attraction hurt your feelings. I just can’t fathom it. Disney is not the same company I grew up with, and it’s quite sad really. Less soul, more woke BS and super hero characters.

  8. Ok… removing the actual guy but keeping his hut?? I think the people deserve to see the guy who’s name is on the hut. Don’t you think??🤔🤔 what exactly is Disney doing here??

  9. So glad to see Trader Sam’s business is going legit. This was such a smart move on the part of Disney. I’d love to eventually see a Trader Sam animatronic returning to find his shop in disarray…

  10. “Two of his heads for only one of yours!” I’ll miss that joke, but excited to see what it’ll be now.

  11. I am over Disney and removing everything because someone for some stupid reason thinks it is offensive. Well, I am offended because he is s being removed. Pretty soon there won’t be anything left to see. It is time for Disney and others to grow a backbone and tell these people that things are staying and to get over themselves. Walt Disney us definitely rolling over in his grave. We went to Disney for the pure joy of fantasy and the leftist mob just can’t stand it. I don’t know if I am ever going to go to Disney World again because the magic us being taken away. 😪

    • The only people who probably complain about the cultural insensitivity are most likely the people who have never even stepped foot on Disney property, and probably never will.

    • Awww…So sorry your world is closing in on you and large companies like Disney are thinking more about inclusion, diversity and how people are depicted. Remember they are an international company and last I checked, America is a diverse country of people of different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs… Perhaps take a cruise on It’s a Small World to catch up on how diverse the world around you is. See all of the dolls? They all represent different people of different backgrounds. All of the people of different backgrounds like in the ride also live in the United States- just like you! It’s what makes it a great place to live. If you’re offended by removing dated semi-static mannequins with more elaborate scenes that are certainly more “fantasy” I guess just stay home and stew about how everything is terrible and leave the magic for us in the “leftist mob” ( I guess which are any people that show any thought or concern about the well-being of others, not just themselves, and wear masks in public)

  12. Cancel culture at its finest. It’s a shame that the Disney corporation bows down to bleeding heart people who don’t realize they are in a theme park on rides that are make believe. There is nothing offensive about any of the rides yet people somehow find reasons to complain about them and force them to change. Changes that are never for the better

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