PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 4/29/21 (Paint Restoration, Denim Ears at Uptown Jeweler, Construction from Above, and Catching Up With Belle)

Little town. It’s a quiet village. Ev’ry day. Like the one before. Little town. Full of little… oh sorry we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Anyways, welcome to another day at the Magic Kingdom!


Ok where to begin, where to begin, what do you think Goofy? Oh right, the Jungle Cruise.


This hippo looks really upset, but why? Well it seems no changes occurred today on the ride as we were hoping to see some much awaited scenes return so we’d have something to report to you today. But we guess reporting the status quo is a report in itself.


The Cool Ship is still awaiting the its details, so in the next week or two, we’ll keep you informed on when that occurs.


With the Peoplemover open once again, we can get you, our readers, a better view of the construction going on over at Tron as well as a great perk of now seeing the surrounding grounds as well.


Speaking of grounds, the ones around Tomorrowland Speedway are still being worked on and when one is finished another one starts being worked on next.


Dumbo doesn’t seem to be done either, with painting almost done, the light bulbs seem to be the next needing some replacements.


Close by, Casey Jr. looks practically good as new, now we’re just waiting to see his smiling face once again.

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No changes at Peter Pan’s Flight, but at least there’s nothing we have to worry about for the inside.


As for the Hall of Presidents, let’s simply say, the eagle has not landed yet.


If you are looking for these Disney Denim Ears and are at the Magic Kingdom, check out Uptown Jeweler for a pair.


Leaving the park, we ran into this big cuddly bear with his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods as they finished greeting guests and we’re heading back to their homes.


Taking a page from our new perspective of Tron, we took the monorail over the Polynesian construction to give you a top-down view of what’s going on with the platform. We honestly can’t wait for this to be done to make going to and from the Polynesian a lot easier.


We headed back to the park as fast as we could when we heard Belle was back greeting guests by her little cottage, and with a little patience, we managed to find her, which you can check out here. She caught us up since we hadn’t seen her in a while that her father is working on some new inventions, the Beast was currently finding new books for their library and she’s keeping her distance from Gaston.


Our last stop, or more accurately on our way out of Disney World, we snagged this picture of the construction continuing on Floridian Way, no idea if this will affect traffic anytime soon, but we’ll keep you informed if it does.

That’s all for today at the Magic Kingdom but visit us again tomorrow at the site that brings you all the latest Disney news first at, WDWNT.

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