PHOTOS: “Laod Bhang” Fireworks Sign Modified at Disneyland as Cultural Sensitivity Changes Continue for Disney Parks

As Disney works to remove cultural insensitivities from attractions like Jungle Cruise, it is also removing insensitive signs. One such sign is located in Frontierland at Disneyland. The former “Laod Bhang & Co.” fireworks sign has been repainted. The painted sign now advertises “Red Dragon & Co. Fireworks.”

Photo: Loren Javier on Flickr

This is how the sign appeared before the March 2020 Disneyland shutdown.


The “Laod Bhang & Co.” text has been replaced.

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The sign now reads “Red Dragon & Co. Fireworks Factory.”


The sign remains otherwise unchanged.


Over at Disney California Adventure, the “Laod Bhang” pin cart seems to to have have been removed as well. Time will tell if it is replaced with a “Red Dragon” version.

    1. As an AAPI ally, I have to note the “broken English” stereotype actually fuels AAPI hate speech, which we’ve seen swell in the last few months. This was not a fun, clever, of “good” pun. Please educate yourself.

      1. It’s so good you’re an ally of the AAPI, fighting the good fight over silly signs in a theme park. I, for one, think its more important that we end the discriminatory practice of denying Asians admission to certain colleges and universities based on their race. But you do you. Additionally, you need to support your assertion that this sign “fueled” hate speech, and that AAPI hate speech has increased in the last few months.

        1. You need to support your assertion that you think my comment somehow negates a completely unrelated issues (re: college admission). That’s just a straw man fallacy. I chose to report and comment on a racist sign, which is the topic of this article we are commenting on, and I don’t think is silly.  But you do you.

          1. You never explained how it was hateful and racist. You also never supported how this sign fueled hate speech or that AAPI hate speech has increased. I also merely suggested what might be a more important issue in the Asian community than worrying over some silly sign.

      1. Sorry I spoiled your fun by reporting a racist sign. I hope you are able still enjoy Disneyland in the future without this offensive décor :)

  1. It’s so cool that I’ll be able to tell my kids that I lived in a time when Disney wasn’t a pathetic dumpster fire

  2. Wow. Disney doesn’t want to offend its Chinese partners with such an insensitive sign. However, regarding its partners’ treatment of the Uyghurs and other human rights abuses, that’s ok and we’ll stay silent on that. What hypocrites.

  3. When did Disney fan community become some hateful and racist? This action should be applauded, not whatever is occuring in these comments.

    1. Exactly how is this racist and hateful? Is it more racist and hateful than China’s treatment of Uyghurs and its other human rights abuses? You know, the China with which Disney has that oh so cozy business relationship. Disney makes empty gestures such as this one, while completely ignoring China’s human rights abuses, simply because Disney makes a lot of money doing business with China. So I ask you, why do you applaud Disney’s empty gestures, while ignoring its hypocrisy?

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