UPDATE: California May Now Allow Fully Vaccinated Out-of-State Guests to Visit Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood

Out-of-state travelers craving California may soon be in luck. A series of policy changes indicate that California may soon allow out-of-state guests who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to visit Southern California’s many theme parks.

As noted by Twitter user Leslie Harvey, California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy was updated without fanfare on April 19th. An addendum to the document states that “fully vaccinated persons from out-of-state may visit or attend activities or events that are restricted to in-state visitors.”

Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood have not announced any changes to their ticket sale or attendance policy yet, but Sea World San Diego, which reopened on April 12th, is now allowing out-of-state guests who can provide proof of full vaccination.

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Universal Studios Hollywood reopened on April 16th. Disneyland Resort is set to reopen on April 30th.

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  1. So… I assume that kids, that are under the age of 16 (currently the youngest age you can get vaccinated) would be let in. Assuming that this does happen.

  2. How is this not discriminatory???? Vaccination is a personal choice and not the government, nor private enterprise (like Disney), nor even my own mother, have the right to demand any proof of it. Complete violation of personal health info and civil liberty, especially for a virus that has a 98-99% survival rate! Where is the common sense here? I hope people push back on this. This is complete nonsense.

    1. I agree! Please do not choose the controlling route of forceful vaccinations to allow taking your family to go to Disneyland.

    2. The Supreme Court, as well as federal and state courts, have long ruled that as long as there is an exception for religious and health reasons, vaccines can be required of employees and guests/customers.

      There is no violation of health info. You either choose to allow your information to be shared, or you choose not to. You have total control. Just like you do at the doctor’s office.

      Someone’s choice not to be vaccinated comes with the responsibility and accountability for that choice. You make a choice not to do so, yes, you can be excluded from things.

      1. Exactly! You arent guaranteed entrance Into Disneyland. They can make rules based on their business needs. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, that’s your choice. And it’s equally their choice to not let you in.

        1. However, Disney world in Florida isn’t requiring vaccinations.. so it’s more about the governor vs the actual companies decision.. which also is why so many people are moving to Florida everyday because the governor actually believes everyone’s job is essential and freedom of choice

    3. They aren’t demanding you get the vaccine. Nobody is forcing you. You just don’t get to go to Disneyland. Sorry

  3. Vaccination Passports: here they come whether you like them or not. They are going to become a reality. Some places will require them. Some won’t. If you choose not to vaccinate, or choose not to show proof of vaccination, yes, your options to activities may be restricted.

  4. If you go to the Travel Advisory, California will allow for out of State Visitors to Theme Parks with proof of vax OR negative test. Logistically, this sounds like a nightmare. Like they have to separate people in groups before entering for screening? It takes a long time with just the previous bag checks, now temp screen, proof of residency, vaccination/ test screening? ugh, I’ll pass for now.

  5. Hi I had a question I’m hoping someone can answer it if I’m from California do I need my COVID shot to enter ?

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