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UPDATE: Disney Issues Statement on Yesterday’s Skyliner Gondola Collision

Yesterday evening, we reported that the Disney Skyliner had once again experienced an accident as gondolas crashed into each other, resulting in broken glass and downtime for the transportation system. In late 2019, multiple gondolas were involved in a similar incident at a different Skyliner station. Now, Disney has offered some information to a local Central Florida news station.

crashed skyliner gondolas
Image Credit: Instagram user nextstopmainstreet

According to, the web presence of WKMG News 6, Disney officials did acknowledge the incident that occurred on Thursday evening at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Skyliner station. The officials advised that no one was inside the cabins at the time of the incident.

Additionally, a Disney representative told the outlet that no one was injured in the situation that resulted in a couple hours of downtime. An explanation of what happened and why, or what may be done to prevent future incidents of this nature, was not offered.

hollywood studio skyliner station

After the accident, guests who remained inside gondolas stuck between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort were slowly offloaded at the latter station. Some guests spent over an hour inside suspended gondolas as the situation played out.

By 8:45pm, roughly two hours after the accident occurred, the Skyliner station was operational and guests were boarding gondolas destined for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as usual.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on this story.

Featured image credit: nextstopmainstreet on Instagram.

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Steve R
Steve R
3 months ago

Good to see things are getting back to normal; mobbed theme parks and skyway collisions..

RJ Peto
RJ Peto
2 months ago

I was hoping that Disney would call this Skyliner accident “unexpected downtime.” I guess I was wrong.