CDC To Update Guidelines Allowing Vaccinated People to Go Maskless Indoors

Shannen Ace

CDC To Update Guidelines Allowing Vaccinated People to Go Maskless Indoors

Shannen Ace

CDC To Update Guidelines Allowing Vaccinated People to Go Maskless Indoors

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will reportedly issue guidance later today that states people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks indoors in some instances.

Reportedly, the updated guidance will no longer state that fully vaccinated people need to wear masks in crowded outdoor spaces. As for indoor spaces, vaccinated people will still need to wear masks in crowded places including public transportation like buses and planes, hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters. But they could remove masks in some less crowded workplaces and schools.

Masks are still required indoors and outdoors for guests at Disney and Universal theme parks, unless actively eating or drinking. Walt Disney World recently clarified that this requirement is still in place despite Governor DeSantis lifting mask mandates. Guests at Walt Disney World may remove face masks if socially distanced while taking outdoor photos. It will be up to Disney and Universal individually when mask rules are relaxed at the theme parks.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates.

11 thoughts on “CDC To Update Guidelines Allowing Vaccinated People to Go Maskless Indoors”

    • Agreed. Just say no more masks period. How will anyone know who is or is not vaccinated? People not vaccinated most likely weren’t masking anyway.

    • I believe they will asap. Disney needs money. This will cause a huge increase in attendance as there were always more people against the masks then for them. If anyone thinks this was ever about Disney worrying about our wellbeing, you are being naive. They are a business and businesses need to generate income. And this will allow them to do so.

  1. This is why everyone needs to email disney every day!!! Seriously people. Go go their contact page. Email them. Let them know masks outside need to go right away!! Enough of the insanity!

  2. My entire family will be officially vaccinated in another three weeks…. even my 13 year old son. We planned our trip to Disneyworld for September. WE should NOT be punished having to wear masks to keep idiots safe! At this point there is ZERO reason to not get a vaccine other than sheer stupidity. So if they want to risk their lives… than more power to them… but I am not wearing a mask so that they can go on continuing to deny reality.

  3. I’m excited for masks to go away so that everyone (including myself in full disclosure) can finally stop fighting over it and just go back to the magic the parks used to have!

  4. “We let ’em ALL in here!” -Mama Odie

    Come on, Faron Kelley! Talk to me! #WDWMarathonWeekend2022

  5. Unmask your guests! This is an overreach of power. People that a vaccinated don’t need to fear the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated are unvaccinated by choice. Stop micromanaging people’s personal choices

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