Walt Disney World Reminding Guests Via App That They Have Not Changed Their Mask Policies, Also Encouraging Guests to Get Vaccinated

Today’s announcement by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of the suspension of all local emergency orders had many wondering if the Orlando-area parks would change their policies. DeSantis’s actions invalidated the Orange County mask mandate.


Now, Disney has released a push notification on the MyDisneyExperience mobile app that they will not be changing any COVID-19 safety measures at this time. Masks will still be required at Walt Disney World Resort. They are also encouraging guests to get vaccinated.


With the loosening of restrictions state-wide, it makes sense that Disney will have to remind guests, especially those from Florida, that rules will be different on their property from the rest of the state. That being said, the notification in the app should not be taken as an official statement that the company isn’t discussing if and/or when they will ease mask requirements. Our guess is that it will be quite some time until they do though.

At this time, Universal Orlando Resort has not addressed Governor DeSantis’s changes in any way.

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  1. Anyone who thinks masks outside… especially in Florida makes any sense… sorry… you shouldn’t be allowed an opinion.

    1. I agree with masks outdoors lacking sense but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Doesn’t mean those people won’t look foolish for expressing those opinions though…

    2. You ever been stuck right next to someone coughing or sneezing ( or like you ) . In pandemic that can still kill you wear it. People with bad immune systems do in FL what you can’t?

  2. Ask to see Vaccination card to get in,wait they wont do that company might loose that mighty dollar!

    1. They can not ask to see the vaccination card because it’s a violation of HIPPA Law.

  3. Glad to see Disney cares about their guests.
    It’s why I’ve continued to go to the parks and felt safe while doing so.

    1. Everyone has access to the vaccine now… how long should we all have to continue to suffer because of those who refuse to get vaccinated?

    2. I’ll go back when facemask mandates are over. It’s ridiculous to have them outdoors or any place for that matter.

    1. to make those that have become used to having total power over you feel better?

    2. The point is to get to a place where none of your friends and relatives have to go to the hospital to die or face severe long-term health consequences because we all go get a free vaccine that was miraculously developed in under a year to prevent such outcomes. We aren’t at that point yet because of YOU.

    3. You can still catch and spread Covid if you have the vaccine, it just prevents you from having it become serious enough to be hospitalized.

  4. no new surge with spring breakers. so what does disney do? why follow the facts when you can make up your own evidence, eh?

    1. It’s the opposite of healthy. It’s dangerous. I wonder if the people trying to say it’s totally fine to hinder oxygen intake are the same people who say that vaccine acquired immunity is way better than natural immunity. That is a revelation I tell you what…ugh.

    2. Bull, people with bad immune systems do it all the time . You just don’t want to be bothered.

  5. I hope Disney would allow no masks outdoors as long as it’s not crowded, that is, people are at least 6 feet apart. When it gets crowded, then they can encourage masks. But you should get to take the mask off a bit if you are outside and there’s nobody close to you.

  6. If a mayor, governor, president etc…makes 1 statement but everybody else is allowed to continue with their own rules there’s just too many chiefs and no indians……this happened all too much at the beginning of this pandemic……if you want a vaccine get a vaccine if you don’t then don’t but let’s get things opened back up to the way they were…….people can make their own decisions based off of their feelings on how they see fit…….

  7. People wearing masks in 90 degree weather is not the answer. It’s going to do more harm than good. What is the point of people being vaccinated?!

      1. It should be voluntary now. If you think it’s fine and want to continue wearing it, then great – go ahead. But we’ve long since moved beyond any “science” regarding masks. They were fine initially as a stop gap before we had vaccines and therapeutics. They are now little more than a virtue signal and a symbol for some people’s personal politics on the subject.

      2. Fine for you, Tom, as an adult and local FL resident with an AP who can go whenever you want.

        But not for me with 3 small children in tow, one of which has breathing issues to start with and another who just turned 2 and keeping a mask on her is like masking a cat. Oh, and paying 5 grand or more for a once in a lifetime vacation. Totally NOT fine.

    1. I think it’s reasonable to think if Americans get their vaccines we could reach her immunity by the 50th on 10/1. If we don’t get our vaccines, immunity will begin to wear off and we’ll be right back where we were.

  8. Why doesn’t Disney respect the science? Are they anti-science or something? I’ll take my $$$ elsewhere.

  9. Disney is going to have to change their policy now. Before yesterday they could legitimately say they were mirroring the policy of the local government (Orange County). They can no longer do that. Also, until recently, they could say they were following CDC guidelines. But the CDC has now said that vaccinated people don’t have to wear masks outside. So their premise that they are somehow “following the science” or local regulations is now over. The fact is there is no reason that anyone should have to wear a mask outdoors in any Disney park or resort – especially in a place like Florida. Disney should quickly come up with a compromise policy that allows those on both sides of the mask debate to save a little face (no pun intended) – masks should now only be required indoors (gift shops, hotel lobbies, buses, indoor shows). Masks should NOT be required outdoors, pool side and on rides where you are seated with members of your own party. If they don’t make this adjustment, I think a good case could be made that Disney is now exposing themselves to lawsuits if anyone suffers from breathing distress or respiratory issues brought on by their private mask mandate. Disney will no longer have the CDC or their local government regulations to indemnify them against such litigation. It’s all on them now and a good attorney would have a field day drafting a complaint against them for anyone who now suffers because of their ridiculous and overzealous mask policy.

    1. Frank, great points made. I’m sure the lawyers at Disney are discussing the exact points you made as we speak. However, I am not too hopeful – we’ve seen most liberal companies and politicians who claim to “follow the science” are now choosing to ignore it and/or make up their own science or data fit their agenda. Disney is no different.

  10. If Disney thinks they know better than the CDC or local government, their decision making is irrational and financially risky. I sold all my Disney stock. I want nothing to do with companies that risk their shareholders’ money on virtue signaling.

    1. Good for you Fred. Hit them in the wallet and see how quickly our SAFETY folds.

  11. We have flights booked from the UK for July but despite the fact that both me & my wife will be fully vaccinated at that point, we’re going to cencel our flights/ hotel etc., if we are forced to wear masks at Disney. The whole point of us bringing our children is to see the joy on their faces – impossible with the masks

  12. I think Disney should re-evaluate their mask policy. I have a young child with a disability who is unable to keep a mask and currently there are no exceptions for the disabled population. I still don’t really understand how this is legal to do but I think because it is a pandemic those with disabilities are not protected. It’s sad that we have no options and are told to just wait it out. When we reached out to Disney they responded by seeing if his occupational therapist could work with him on learning to wear a mask.

    1. Americans are to spoiled to have much follow through. We can stand together and no one go any mask wearing theme park and see how quickly our safety is cast aside for the all might buck. Or we could whine, cry and bitch with no action at all. If you really want change hurt their wallet size. Unfortunately American pick the latter. Whine Whine and wait and see. I am not going to any theme park that mandates my health care. Being in the health care industry, I am fully vac. I feel as an American I don’t need or want a theme park dictate my health care. Stand together, hit them in the wallet. At the end of the day, money is all that matters to a business.

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