Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Attraction at Disneyland Now Being Criticized for Nonconsensual “True Love’s Kiss” Scene

When Disneyland reopened at the end of April, the new Snow White’s Enchanted Wish opened as well. The ride is a reimagining of the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and Disney has been heavily promoting the new version of the attraction. One of the major new scenes near the ride’s finale features Snow White and Prince Charming’s kiss, an integral part of the movie.


Disney is now under criticism from those who believe the scene should have been omitted from the ride as it portrays a situation in which Snow White cannot consent to be kissed. Acts of physical contact are often considered nonconsensual when one or more parties is asleep, inebriated, or otherwise not of sound mind.

Those who support the scene’s inclusion often cite that a Snow White attraction without true love’s kiss would then exclude a main plot point from the story, and the kiss is considered a life-saving action rather than a violation of Snow White’s autonomy.

Disney’s role in the portrayal of social and cultural issues has been a hot topic lately. This controversy follows in the wake of Disney’s push for inclusivity. Major changes have been afoot at the parks, including the new Disney Look guidelines and the ongoing refurbishments at the Jungle Cruise, plus the upcoming closure of Splash Mountain at the U.S. parks.

To see the scene for yourself, check out our full POV video of the new ride below:

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  1. I lost brain cells reading this article. Not because of the article writer, but because of the stupidity of the subject.

    1. Yeah, people should stop rating articles low just because it’s written about some ridiculous news. Only rate low if the article is poorly written, which this one isn’t!

      This is good journalism. She provided both sides of the argument and did not infer an editorial opinion. Thanks Katie!

  2. Stop giving in to the Cancel Culture. They are Morons at their best and need to be totally ignored. They have no clout and obviously nothing better to do.

  3. “the kiss is considered a life-saving action rather than a violation of Snow White’s autonomy” is not a sentence that I would have imagined ever reading, but that just happened. I get the point these people are trying to make. But people need to actually parent their kids and explain to them why they see in the movies might be problematic and how they should learn from this scene rather than emulating it. If anything, this attraction could give people a natural opening to start/continue discussing ideas of consent and body autonomy with their kids. Arguing that it should be deleted seems stupid to me though. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. You know, CPR is nonconsensual. We’d better wait for unconscious people to give us permission before getting too close.

    It’s a fairy tale folks, if you’re so concerned about content in media go protest outside HBO’s offices. If everything offends you, then stay home in your living room and do nothing.

  5. Meanwhile, Maleficent is saying: “Aurora, you in danger girl.”

  6. What’s next?! Christopher Robin will be accused of “inappropriate touching” when he helps Pooh out of a honey tree /facepalm

  7. Well Disney started this stupidity now they have opened the flood gates.

  8. LOL is this actually a thing? Has the world gone mad?! Disney needs to stop catering to these social justice imbeciles. It’ll be the company’s downfall.

  9. Let’s take a step back and analyze this for a second: all of this commentary stems from a single op-ed in SFGate, which is extremely similar to the op-ed posted in the Orlando Sentinel not too long ago. Both take (arguably) the same stance on Disney’s actions, just from opposite points of view. It is important to recognize that BOTH writers of BOTH op-eds bring up points that Disney should be considering, and seems like they are not. For this scenario in particular, we all need to recognize that consent IS an important thing to discuss and recognize for children and adults alike. Whether a “true love’s kiss” is something that crosses the line of consent is a completely different thing; apparently, Disney thinks that it is appropriate.

    Nonetheless, both this topic and the Orlando Sentinel op-eds stem from the view of a SINGLE person (or extremely small group of people) and should not be taken as an entire population enacting “cancel culture” or another group as encouraging outdated and immoral ideals. They’re opinions of individuals, so treat them as such.

    1. This is by far the smartest and most well reasoned reply in this comments section. Thank you for bringing even handedness to a conversation dominated by loud and ignorant voices.

  10. This is what happens Disney (and those who supported these changes) when you cater to the mob.

  11. I’m just going to say for the record, if you just happen to find out you’re my true love, and let’s just say that you find me lying all sleepy dead in a forest, please kiss me and wake my dead ass up. I would very much appreciate it, and then maybe we’ll go get coffee.

  12. Is it really nonconsensual if Snow White’s whole theme song is about waiting for her prince to come?

  13. Unbelievable!!! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the sweetest story with a very happy ending of Snow’s dream coming true with her Prince Charming. Nothing more… Nothing less and Nothing wrong with it or their “Magical” kiss at the end. Snow White is the “One Who Started It All” so Disney better hold their ground on this one. 🍎 💋

    Next will be poor Jose in the Tiki Room to join Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear, Br’er Fox and Trader Sam. This woke mob, who are truly asleep, because they don’t know the difference between reality and the “Magic” of a theme park or a fairytale story, which Walt actually made much sweeter than the original Grimm version. Is Main Street USA also next, because its demanded? Will they want Socialist Street or Inclusion Street or Diversity Street? Its getting old real fast and its getting pretty darn ridiculous!

  14. Love’s kiss is just the fantasy world’s version of mouth to mouth. Is giving someone life-saving CPR a violation of their autonomy? If he doesn’t give her the kiss, she is dead.

  15. HELP! If this is called “woke” take a bite of the apple and go back to sleep! Intent is everything! In act one of the film and story, there was love at first sight, when the prince sees Snow White, despite appearing to be of a lower caste, and before the scene ends it is clear the Snow White is smitten by the prince as well. While one can possibly dismiss this scene as a shallow “love at first sight experience”, deeper love is established later in the story. Most importantly, the feelings of love are mutual. Show white confesses to the witch that the prince is “the one” and she wishes they could live together “happily ever after” before she bites the apple. The prince, in the meantime, devotes his life searching for her, his true love, and doesn’t give up. When he does find her he, like everyone else, he thinks she is in a comatose like death and “sadly” kisses her like any other love one in the same circumstance. Maybe for idiots who judge this scene very differently, and I dare say pervertedly (who’s the bad one now), Disney should just add those two forementioned scenes (in some form) to establish this relationship better without removing the kiss scene. Again just for the narrow-minded that I have to explain things like a seven year old.

  16. We don’t need to be freaking out about the woke mob or cancel culture. This was discussed in one op-ed. It’s not like there’s a movement behind changing it or anything

  17. I cannot believe how low and overthinking people are. The article in question which spends much of its time explaining the set up then very briefly brings up the “issue” then ends by stating something to the effect of as long as people don’t take this as a life lesson then its fine. Bottom line…it is a fairytale, of course kids and adults know it is not real or what you should base your life on, good lord. The kiss has been apart of the Snow White fairytale for hundreds of years, initial Grimm version is more grewsome. Disney’s adaptation, Snow after meeting the prince (Florian) literally spends the rest of the film singing about wanting to be with him, “Someday My Prince Will Come” and its reprise, which would imply by the tone of the romantic song…being kissed by him no matter the circumstance, which in Snow’s case is life and death. To me the “poor unfortunate soul” who wrote the initial article just happens to have a platform and chose to sling mud at the film and characters that have been delighting viewers for the past 84 years. For me sparking my love of Disney entertainment. This film and characters literally saved the Walt Disney Company all those years ago.

  18. I will not embrace the new ride nor will I go on it. I rather go back to how things used to be I enjoyed Snow White”s scary adventure better then this new one kids are supposed to overcome fear from scary rides not keep them from it it”s part of Child development.

  19. The comment section is a huge reaction to a small minority that they blow out of proportion.

    It’s a fairy tale. I run with some of the “woke” crowd and they like this new version — not one mentioned a “non-consensual kiss.” I, personally, have no beef with this scene. There are things I will miss about Snow White’s Scary Adventures (those dungeons were cool, and nobody ever said anything about non-consensual chaining to the walls), but this is a good revamp — it kept some scary parts while highlighting the happy ending more than they used to. When I was a kid, I thought the Old Hag had just crushed the dwarfs with a giant rock, and then we went through some doors and saw “And they lived happily ever after” (I hadn’t seen the movie yet at that age and didn’t realize what that scene was actually depicting).

    I’ll take “true love’s kiss” over “The Evil Queen in disguise just killed all the dwarfs and that’s somehow a happy ending.”

  20. Besides being utterly ridiculous beyond sensical belief, this is a huge deal because Disney going “woke” has given way for this type of garbage to emerge. No doubt they will knee jerk react to this and further give in to the “Cancel Culture.” Sickening.

  21. I am so over this ridiculousness. IT IS A FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!! Leave it alone. Why make something out of nothing. IT is literally the end of the movie, so they made it the last scene on the ride. UMMMMM I think its perfect! Some people are never happy.

  22. People have lost their minds , let the fairy tails stay as they have been for 50 years it’s completely out of control!!

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