Mayor Says Orange County Florida Will Keep Indoor Mask Mandate For Now

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings confirmed this afternoon that the remaining mask mandate will stay in place. Some thought the mandate might be lifted early since The Department of Health had reported an average of 4.4%. However, now Orange County has reached a 14-day COVID-19 positivity rate of 5.2%.

Mayor Demings previously set the threshold for the removal of the mandate at 5% positivity or below. It would also be lifted if Orange County reached a vaccination rate of 70%, but the rate remains around 51%.

Demings estimates Orange County will reach the next phase, including the full removal of the mask mandate, around July 4th. Currently, masks are not required outdoors but are indoors.

Both Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort are in Orange County, but as private property, they set their own policies regarding COVID-19 safety measures. After the outdoor mask mandate was lifted last week, both resorts followed suit.

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  1. There are no mask mandates in Florida period. The governor lifted all of them weeks ago.

      1. The governor’s order prohibits local Covid orders. See EO 2021-101, 2021-102

              1. Disney is a private establishment and can require guests to wear masks. I’m simply disputing the statement that the government requires you to wear a mask.

              2. Disney is a private property. They can mandate what they like for customers. No local ordinance would be enforced anymore per executive order.

  2. It doesn’t really matter what Jerry says since the Governor nixed local authority for mandates and Disney does whatever they want.

          1. My state governor lifted the mask mandate 3 months ago, but Walmart continued to require it. So I went to Walmart and saw a large number of people not wearing masks, back in March. And Walmart did zip about it. Also, my neighboring town kept the mask mandate even outdoors, in defiance to the governor. I never wore it when I was there, outdoors, and nobody said a thing to me. But then, it’s a small town and there’s nobody outdoors.
            Disney, of course, is more stringent on their mask requirement.

          2. Well I live in Orange County, FL and Publix, Walmart, Sea World, Gatorland, and others don’t require masks indoors at all. Demmings doesn’t override Desantis.

          3. There aren’t even any mask signs inside World of Disney. I went there day before yesterday and they’re relying on cast members to tell people about it. Doesn’t sound like it’s gonna last til July like Demmings seems to think.

      1. I live in winter garden, the local target and Walmart do not require them.

        1. Seaworld Orlando does not require mask indoors or outdoors if you’re fully vaccinated using the honor system. It is in Orange County.

          Haven’t seen anyone shut them down.

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