Parking Lot Trams Likely to Resume Service Soon at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Since the closure of Walt Disney World in March 2020, parking lot courtesy trams have been unavailable to guests. Rumors now indicate that the service will return to all four theme parks very soon.

Since the parks reopened in July of last year, guests have been asking repeatedly as to when the trams would return, as well as the cast members who operate the guest transportation system. As capacity has increased over the last 10 months, more and more cars have been parking at each theme park daily, and the walk to and from the entrances have gotten longer and longer for guests. With capacity set to be dialed up once again, and with many rides and shows already sitting parties closer together, it would make sense for the parking lot trams to return now.

From what we have heard, a number of parking Cast Members have already been recalled, enough to bring the trams back into service. No date has been given as of yet, but we would expect to see parking lot trams moving once more quite soon, by June at the latest in our estimation.

Again, Disney has not confirmed the return of the trams just yet, but it is expected that they will soon.

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  1. This is great rumored news. I was suspecting something like this might happen after reading they weren’t socially distancing cars anymore. I guess they can get carvid. I had to cancel this weeks 10 day trip from Texas with the gas uncertainty in Pensacola and Tallahassee. My next planned trip is August 30th for 10 nights and hope after all this it’ll look normal for the most part. Hopefully the desire to hire firework techs will bear explosive fruit by then.

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