REVIEW: New Cheetah Mocha Mousse Brookie Prowls Into Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Greetings from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! There’s a new dessert on the prowl that we just had to check out!


The Cheetah Mocha Mousse brownie features a dome of mocha-flavored mousse on top of a brookie (half-brownie, half-cookie), garnished with chocolate Mickey ears with a cheetah print and golden sprinkles.


This definitely gets us in the mood to keep an eye out for animals around the park!


As you can see in the above photo, the brownie and cookie are swirled together, making for a decadent experience.


The mousse has a golden color that looks great in the midday sun.


But now we get to the moment of truth. It’s time to dig in!


One of the biggest things we noticed was that it’s very dense. If you’re someone who prefers lighter, airier desserts, this may not be your kind of thing. But if you like a rich dessert, this is likely to please.


The mousse itself is creamy and rich without being overpowering, though it doesn’t have a distinctly mocha taste, as we nearly mistook it for a coffee flavor. Still, it complimented the brookie really well, which was heavy, moist and chewy with lots of large chocolate chunks. The mouse .


Overall, this is a pretty good dessert. Given how dense it is, this could make for an inexpensive snack to share with one or two people, given the price. You can “spot” this treat at Creature Comforts, where it sells for $5.49. If you’re like us, this will disappear off your plate faster than a cheetah!

If you’re hungry for even more dessert reviews, be sure to check out our look at the new sweet offerings at the recently-opened Gelateria Toscana at EPCOT!

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Marion Ross
Marion Ross
1 month ago

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