REVIEW: Cannoli, Zeppole, Cookies ‘N Cream Gelato Sundae, Italian Margarita, and More from the NEW Gelateria Toscana in Italy at EPCOT

Gelateria Toscana opened in the Italy Pavilion at EPCOT today as a brand-new gelato kiosk. That being said, the kiosk has much more to offer than just plain gelato, so check out our reviews of many of the new snacks and drinks now available.


Gelateria Toscana can be found on the right side of the Italy Pavilion when facing it, near the American Adventure Pavilion.


We ordered the zeppole, cannoli, Italian margarita, and coppa del nonno before going back for more.

Zeppole – $13

Soft fried Ricotta cheese fritters dusted with powdered sugar


This tasted like fried dough to us instead of cheese fritters, but either way, it was delicious.


It had an almost savory taste to the dough itself, which is balanced by the sugar on top. The dough was moist.


Not much else is going on with this treat, but it is a generous portion considering the size of each ball. It’s good to share and we would get it again.


Cannoli al Cioccolato – $6.95

Crisp pastry filled with sweet ricotta, chocolate, and candied orange


This was very fresh. The shell was a perfect crumbly and crispy consistency but still melts instantly in your mouth.


The filling was delicious and not overly sweet. The chocolate chips were good quality too.


This was a nice treat and a great example of a cannoli. We would have it again.

Italian Margarita – $14

Frozen Limoncello, Tequila, Margarita


This is approximately the same drink we’ve had at festival booths before. We’re a fan of this version, which seemed a bit more smooth with a natural lemon taste.


It’s refreshing on a hot day.

Coppa del Nonno – $11.75

Vanilla, chocolate, and cookies ‘n cream gelati with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and amaretti cookies


The gelato itself in this “gelati creation” was great.


The flavors were mixed up in the cup so it was impossible to tell them apart, but altogether they were still delicious. It was sweet but not overly so.


The whipped cream was strange. It didn’t taste like anything and didn’t ever collapse. We’re usually fans of whipped cream but we only took a few tastes before giving up on this one.


The cookies were also delicious. They’re light and have a caramel taste.


Despite the whipped cream, this was still a great treat and we would get it again.

“Affogato” Espresso Gelato – $11.75

Fresh Italian espresso poured over vanilla gelato with an amaretto cookie


We returned to the kiosk to try one more “gelati creation.” Anyone who likes coffee ice cream will love this affogato!


The vanilla gelato mellows the espresso and mixes with it to create a creamy coffee treat. It does melt quickly so it becomes more of a drink than something you eat with a spoon.


The cookies are the same airy caramel ones from the coppa del nonno.


This was absolutely delicious and definitely our favorite item from Gelateria Toscana.

What Gelateria Toscana dessert looks most enticing to you? Let us know in the comments!

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Prince Naveen
Prince Naveen
6 months ago

My mouth is watering…