PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 5/11/21 (Dreaming Up! Parade Returns, Low Crowds, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Repainting, and More)

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 5/11/21 (Dreaming Up! Parade Returns, Low Crowds, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Repainting, and More)

Spencer Lloyd


PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 5/11/21 (Dreaming Up! Parade Returns, Low Crowds, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Repainting, and More)

Even in quasi-emergencies or gloomy, cloudy days, the Tokyo Disney Resort keeps on chugging! So in spite of the rather dismal weather, we figured it’s time to give you a peek of the latest happenings at Tokyo Disneyland this month! Without further ado, let’s explore the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic!


With the 5000 Guest capacity limit back in effect, Tokyo Disneyland was left largely empty all day. Particularly World Bazaar, which only sees crowds in the morning and later evenings.


Many food outlets and shops, including several popcorn stands around the park, have been shuttered to cut costs while capacity is so low.


Fortunately, there’s still beloved characters around to cheer up Guests, including friends from the Hundred Acre Wood like Piglet and Rabbit!


It’s easy to get a sense of how empty the park is by staring down the plaza.


Over in Adventureland, Pirates of the Caribbean is sadly down for its annual maintenance this week and next. No swashbuckling voyages and auctioning reddies for us.


The exterior around Troubadour Tavern is currently under scaffolding, presumably for some touch-ups. Troubadour Tavern has been closed since February 2020, so there’s no time like the present.


Many more dots have been installed around the park, visible here in Westernland, for the return of Dreaming Up!. Of course, the capacity cut came right as the parade returned to Tokyo Disneyland.


The prospect of rain (which never came) as well as low crowds kept people away from Splash Mountain most of the day. Since our last visit, a sign has been installed in the queue informing Guests on how to purchase their photos in the Tokyo DIsney Resort App. Only in Japanese, of course.


Last month, Japan Airlines moved its sponsorship at Tokyo Disneyland from Mickey’s PhilharMagic to the Fantasyland Forest Theatre. It took a few weeks, but the JAL marks and announcement have finally been removed from the attraction.


The exception that proves the rule, lines for Minnie’s Style Studio stood at about 30 minutes most of the day, exceeding just about every other line including for Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.


New vending machines have been installed at Goofy’s Gas in Toontown, as part of a push to get more automated locations installed around the parks.


Over in New Fantasyland, the fog machines around Beast’s Castle have finally been turned back on. They were down for a couple weeks, including both of our last visits. Certainly makes the approach much more ominous!


The floors of the attraction could use some love, however, as black tire marks are starting to show. Although most scenes are fairly dark, it’s extremely prominent in the bright ballroom scene, which marks the grand finale. Additionally, some of the overhead shadow exclusion zones are still having trouble tracking the cups properly.


Although Mickey’s Magical Music World has suffered some technical hiccups in the past few weeks, all performances today (including ours) went off without a hitch! You can read our full summary and review here on WDWNT.


Construction on Fantasy Springs is starting to be very, very visible from within Tokyo Disneyland. Although Tokyo Disney Resort is not the best at sight lines, hopefully there will be a concerted effort to hide or blend the new construction into New Fantasyland.


In Tomorrowland, the new Happy Fair Lab greeting’s lottery has been turned off, allowing Guests to queue as usual to meet Baymax. You can check out our full photo tour from our visit last month here.


Even The Happy Ride with Baymax was so uncrowded that Guests could just waltz right on with little more than a 5 minute wait! Oddly enough, some attractions around Tomorrowland were posting 3 minute wait times, including Space Mountain and Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek, although the reasons behind this are unknown.


Star Tours: The Adventures Continue remains the only attraction to still skip rows at Tokyo Disneyland, with most rides and theaters seating Guests in every single row.


But of course, what you want to know about is the return of Dreaming Up! Guests quickly gathered along the parade route about a half hour before the parade’s step-off time.


So many people were beyond overjoyed to hear the music and get carried away with Mickey Mouse and friends. During this time, the parade is adjusted so only Mickey is on the front for social distancing reasons. Pluto’s taking a break from parade life for now.


The slightly-less-Scary Godmother still reigns supreme on the Princess float!


Other adjustments included an almost complete lack of dancers, as well as Hiro inexplicably missing from the Big Hero 6 float.


But we did get a gander at the new faces of Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar!


Finally, Peter Pan and Wendy are not soaring above the parade route together at present. But it’s about 60% the same Dreaming Up! that we know! Hopefully dancers will be able to return soon.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Repainting


Repainting continues on the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, and in fact seems to be almost complete! The project has been ongoing for well over two years, and has seen the facade restored to its original 2008 colors!


And finally, the destruction of the old bus station and coin locker area is essentially complete, revealing the backside of the Star Tours and Showbase buildings.

That’s the latest news from Tokyo Disneyland! Even though foreign toursts still can’t enter Japan, it’s almost as good as being there, isn’t it? What was your favorite part of today’s update? Let us know in the comments below!