PHOTOS: “Scary” Fairy Godmother Character Replaced with Slightly Less Terrifying Version at Tokyo Disneyland

One of the more infamous character encounters has been the Fairy Godmother at Tokyo Disneyland, who has remained a mask character despite transitioning to a face character at other resorts. Although the “Scary Godmother” was beloved for decades at the park, it seems she has finally been put to rest with a new (but still rather terrifying) Fairy Godmother mask, which made its debut in today’s return of Dreaming Up!.

Visible in photos from Guests watching Dreaming Up! at Tokyo Disneyland today, the new mask features a somewhat more realistic (but still terrifying from certain angles) face.


For comparison, this is how the Fairy Godmother appeared last year during the final performance of Dreaming Up! before the COVID-19 closure.

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It’s nice to see characters with inaccurate (or downright creepy) looks getting makeovers, first with the Toy Story friends at Hong Kong Disneyland and now the Fairy Godmother here. Hopefully the improvements keep on coming! How do you feel about the new Fairy Godmother face? Do you wish they’d kept the old look? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured image credit belongs to @syunkichi1112 on Instagram. Used with permission.

    1. Jack you are 100% correct. Disney fanatics think WDW is perfect and what ever they do is smart and a good business decision. Blind faith

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