PHOTOS: Limited Release Dooney & Bourke “Moana” MagicBand Sails Into the Magic Kingdom

Make way, make way! As part of the new Dooney & Bourke Moana collection, a limited release MagicBand featuring the Wayfinder herself has arrived at Uptown Jewelers at the Magic Kingdom.

Dooney & Bourke Moana MagicBand – $48


The box features Moana, Pua, Maui, Hei Hei, and two Kakamora on the ocean. Te Fiti’s flowers and Gramma Tala’s manta ray spirit can be seen in the background of this art piece.


The Dooney & Bourke logo is on the side against art of Te Fiti in her island form.


The MagicBand logo is in shades of blue and cream with the sea behind it.


The box opens to the side to reveal the MagicBand and instructions for use.


The MagicBand is set into the box, surrounded by art of water making the shape of the Heart of Te Fiti. The colors are coordinated expertly for a stunning impression.

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The MagicBand and Mickey icon are both a light aqua blue.


The band has a classic gold Dooney & Bourke charm.


Art of Moana as a toddler playing with the ocean is on one side.


The flower motif, Gramma Tala’s manta ray spirit, and the ocean are featured.


On the other side, Moana holds Pua, with her Chief crown atop her head.

Will you be adding this Dooney & Bourke Moana MagicBand to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

  1. When posting new magic band info, it would be helpful if they have special effects or not, especially the limited editions.

    1. No one knows the effects, they don’t tell the cast members at the stores. We would have to buy every one and try them at 4 parks. We sadly can not do this.

      1. Ah that sucks. I can’t seem to find any info about the new magic band special effects. Thanks for your reply.

        1. I bought it two days ago and have entered Epcot and Magic Kingdom with it on Saturday and Sunday. No special effects as of yet – which is disappointing. Always disappointing.

  2. I just got my band today and I’m so disappointed. I went back to copy to the Disney website to copy my review and it wasn’t there. I wish I didn’t waste my money.

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