PHOTOS: More Screens Added to Harmonious Barge Arms at EPCOT

More flexible screen has been added to the arms of the centerpiece Harmonious barge at EPCOT.


These arms will twist and turn during the Harmonious nighttime spectacular in World Showcase Lagoon.


The screen material was first added to the lower part of the centerpiece ring.


It now covers full sides of the barge arms, creating a bit nicer of a look and protecting the exposed materials of the arms.


A premiere date for Harmonious has not been announced, but it is expected to debut later this year. During the day, the barges will act as fountains and we’ve seen several water effects testing in the past several weeks.

Are you excited to see Harmonious? Let us know in the comments.

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Bernie Skoch
Bernie Skoch
6 months ago

Am I excited for Harmonious? You bet. But I’m quick to add that IT BETTER BE SPECTACULAR!

Illuminations was getting long in the tooth, but it was technically excellent, evocative, moving, and chock full of meaning for all of humanity. I would have enjoyed it for another 20 years.

Unless Harmonious can beat that, it will be a step down. And please, please, PLEASE don’t let it be “cartoony.” Fantasmic is great, but we don’t need another.

Last edited 6 months ago by Bernie Skoch
Christopher Thornton
Christopher Thornton
6 months ago

I hope it’s great because it’s also an eyesore.