PHOTOS: Sunset Boulevard Restored to Pre-Pandemic Glory with Extended Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Queue Markers Removed at Hollywood Studios

Not surprisingly, the trend of removing physical distancing markers continues throughout Walt Disney World as the parks relax their COVID-19 requirements. We noticed that markers are now largely absent from Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Markers for the extended queue at the Tower of Terror were removed when it was rerouted a few weeks back. Some of the sticky remains are harder to see than others. This leads us to wonder how Walt Disney World will handle the aesthetics of this major transition.


Though removed from the extended queue, the markers still remain near the main stand-by entrance for the Tower or Terror, and even into the extended queue in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater.


Yet over at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the physical distancing reminders seemed entirely absent from all outdoor queue areas.


You can see the remnants of extended queue markers for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster along Sunset Boulevard.


The stickers have been peeled off from the extended queue.


They have also been peeled off from the areas closer to the main entrance of the ride.


As they approach the main stand-by entrance, parties are gathered closer together to enter the ride.


Even in the normal outdoor queue, markers have been removed. They resume inside.


How do you feel about the new physical distancing developments at these popular rides in Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. We just missed this as we were there this past week! Excited to see it though! Hopefully they go back to normal queuing all together soon. Not that it really matters for me, since we won’t be back for a long time. Still nice to see though

  2. They need to get fast pass activated again. With mask mandates relaxing outside more people will come. After universal basically did away with masks completely this weekend, disney will be doing something on it sooner rather than later. That will be more people booking. They need to have fast pass activation announced either right before reducing masks further or at the same time. If nothing else it will spread the line crowd out some

  3. Sunset BLVd is not truly restored until the Citizens Of Hollywood roam the street once again.

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