Proof of Residency No Longer Required for COVID-19 Vaccine in Florida

Those wishing to get their COVID-19 vaccine in Florida no longer need to provide proof of residency to be eligible.

Previously, residents would need to provide a photo ID and/or mail that proved they lived in Florida. Photo ID will still be required, but it does not need to prove Florida residency.

Currently, individuals aged 16 and older are eligible for the vaccine in Florida.

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Brad W
Brad W
3 days ago

You want to get people vaccinated, start offering a free 1-Day ticket to Disney/Universal with every shot. Have the entrances to the parks lined up with providers and the J&J shot so it’s a one-and-done thing.

Sure some people will be upset because they already got the shot or can’t get their kid into the parks for free, but it’s a good first step in my opinion.

2 days ago
Reply to  Brad W

no what would get people to want the vaccine is to say yeah you don’t need to wear the mask anymore yeah your fine live your life

Prince Naveen
Prince Naveen
3 days ago

Way to go, Florida!!