Temperature Checks at Table Service Restaurants Already Removed from Walt Disney World Website

The verbiage on The Walt Disney World website has been updated to remove mention of temperature checks at resort table service restaurants:


With the verbiage already changed to no longer reference sit-down restaurants, it seems that policy may have already changed, and thus, they may no longer be requited in order to dine. It does sometimes take a bit for these policy changes to trickle down to the actual locations, so don’t be surprised if they still do these checks over the next few days.

Just this week, Walt Disney World announced that come May 16, 2021, they would be removing the temperature checks for guests from theme parks and Disney Springs. Currently, these are mandatory temperature checks at theme park entrances.

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The Orange County Department of Health stated on April 30th that temperature checks were no longer needed for businesses, and in fact were a waste of resources. Temperature checks have been required at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks since they reopened in July 2020. They were added to resort resort table service restaurants in late-July 2020.

What are your thoughts on temperature checks departing the theme parks and resorts?