BREAKING: Disney Skyliner Has Had Yet Another Accident

Here we go again…

Coming our way via twitter, user @camerondudeck has sent us photos of yet another collision on the Disney Skyliner, once again taking place in a station. This time, the contact was made at the EPCOT Station upon reentry.


We would assume no one was hurt as the Cast Members at the station seem pretty unaffected by the event, as if it happens often.


As you can guess by the words chosen above, this is far from the first incident the fairly new transportation system has experienced. The first incident was just days into operation, a now-infamous collision at the Riviera Resort Station. The most recent occurrence was just a few weeks ago at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios station, where guests could clearly see broken glass from the impact.

No further details are available as of yet. Stay tuned as we find out more information on this breaking story.

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  1. We got on Gondolas at Caribbean resort and got stopped over road by Firehouse. Got going at 45 minutes (slowly, but moving), but stopped again past turn/bend. Starting to move again briefly. Up here almost 50 minutes total now. Thankful sun going down/behind clouds at least :). Reading a book to pass the time.

    1. I still fear the chance that this ride goes down hard on an early August afternoon.

  2. Starting to think a theme park with escaped cloned dinosaurs might be safer, than Disney World with gondolas.

  3. I’m starting to be concerned about even attempting to use this transportation option at this point… Something needs to be done to correct whatever is causing these collisions to occur before someone really gets hurt.

  4. So Tom, you are headlining this as a “crash” but you have no actual details on what occurred? Come on man, you guys are getting more & more willing to play the ugly card on Disney to score your clicks. I think a lot of your content is pretty great but then this type of crap just wreaks of desperation.

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