Disney Dream at sea

Disney Cruise Line Simulation Sailing To Begin June 29 at Port Canaveral

Disney Cruise Line has received clearance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to hold a simulation sailing from June 29 to July 1.

Disney Dream at sea

We first learned about simulation sailings last year when the CDC allowed the no-sail order to expire. Via the two-night simulation, Disney Cruise Line will be able to test its operations with new health and safety protocols. The simulations will be aboard the Disney Dream out of Port Canaveral with Disney Cruise Line Cast Members volunteering as passengers.

Here is the full announcement from Thomas Mazloum, President of Disney Signature Experiences:

“I have some great news to share, team.

We received word that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved our application to conduct a simulation cruise in advance of resuming normal operations.

This is a critically important milestone for Disney Cruise Line – and I want to thank everyone who has been supporting our return-to-service plans with such dedication and hard work.

We now have the green light to conduct our two-night simulation cruise aboard the Disney Dream from June 29 to July 1, sailing from Port Canaveral. The ship will sail with volunteer passengers and test our newly developed health and safety protocols, which have been meticulously tailored to the current public health environment. All of these protocols are essential to cruising responsibly, and Disney Cruise Line couldn’t be more committed to making vacation dreams come true as it prioritizes the wellbeing of all who step aboard our ships.

Today, as we move closer to restarting our U.S. cruises, I want to spotlight the tremendous resilience and positivity of the team. Your collaboration and continued enthusiasm throughout the pandemic have been nothing short of amazing, as we’ve researched, drafted, revised and refined our comprehensive roadmap for cruising again. It has been no small feat – and I’m extremely proud of everyone.

We will continue to evaluate our health and safety protocols, working closely with the CDC, and make adjustments as we work toward a full resumption of cruising. In the meantime, we can all take pride in the approval of our application with the CDC – a milestone that reflects the incredible talents of our entire team.”

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    1. So the health and safety of the cast members mean nothing to you? But don’t worry DeathSantis has essentially made vaccine passports illegal, you’d know that if you were well informed.

  1. So the one thing we don’t see from the CDC or the Cruise Lines on these simulation:test cruises is how they determine whether or not the simulation was a success or how the CDC determines the protections are adequate? All of these articles say limited crew and test passengers but no mention of any CDC or Health officials being on board performing observations – no mention of a minimum score that needs to be met like food health inspectors on ships – it would be nice to know why the dog and pony show if they will just run a quick two day cruise and say “we did it and thus now we can resume cruising” – perhaps share the other side of this whole thing to give the public confidence in the efforts to protect the health and safety of the masses in this new era (I say that even if the masses don’t care and just want to go cruising again – that hasn’t been the general message of these groups but you never know)

    1. You’re asking the pertinent questions. I haven’t seen anything regarding how it’s determined whether it’s a success, failure, or something in between. Nor have I’ve seen anything about who is there to monitor and report findings.

      The only “test” voyages required are those that leave from or disembark in U.S. waters and the cruise line does not intend to have any voyages with less than 95% VACCINATED guests is my understanding.

      So far Desantis isn’t allowing any form of vaccination proof as a condition to sail. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Some cruise lines may decide to host sailings from other places (like the Caribbean islands instead).

  2. I think it must be mandatory to be vaccinated. We all know there are tons of viruses passed on ships. DeSantis is paying these cruise lines off or doing SOMETHING to keep them in Florida. What happened to threatening to leave Florida if he doesn’t go along with proof of vaccine? I don’t think that’s too much to ask. No vaccine? No cruise. Simple!

    1. You just said it yourself there are plenty of viruses passed around these ships. Most of them are very common and avoidable with basic hygeine. However, you are pushing for proof of a vaccine for one virus, when there are hundreds of others things you can get that don’t have vaccines. That doesn’t even account for bacterial infections. So I don’t feel they should require it. You know what you are signing up for when you agree to spend 2 to 14ish days in a confined space with hundreds of other people. That’s the risk you take. Don’t want the risk don’t cruise.

    2. It is s violation of the ADA to ask for proof of vaccination or any medical condition

  3. They will only be using Disney employees for this test cruise. Probably make them board one at a time and have them report directly to their rooms where they will stay until the ship returns to port. Voila! No problems, right?
    And big thanks to Florida Gov Ron DeSantis for signing into law making it illegal to require proof of vaccination! I wish I could move to Florida!!

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