PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 6/1/21 (Clear Skies, It’s a Small World Popcorn Bucket, Trader Sam Lives On, and More)

Tokyo Disneyland is always a treat to visit, no matter the time of year! Fortunately, we happened to pop in on a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday and found plenty to write home about! So without further ado, let’s take a journey around the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic!


Repainting continues on the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, the current round of which is set to conclude on July 11th, and overall by this winter.


This morning, fire drills were being conducted inside the parks, and two helicopters were buzzing around for about an hour from just about every direction,


Inside the park, we can see that the floral has been changed once again to the latest seasonal flowers.


With no seasonal events going, this is by far the longest we’ve seen the generic “Welcome” sign underneath “Tokyo Disneyland”. I remember when it was such a rare sight…


Crowds have increased somewhat, probably up to about 10,000 Guests per day, up from 5,000. Despite this, none of the lines are ever all that long anyway.


A small patch of asphalt on World Bazaar is blocked off for minor work. This will probably gone within the next couple of days.


Meanwhile, the Tokyo Disneyland Band is out to greet Guests coming into the park!


Over at Sweetheart Café, the fever surrounding the Sadaharu Aoki Paris Bakery collaboration pastries seems to have died down, with a virtually nonexistent line all day.


The Omnibus has returned once again to the Hub, after being absent due to the 5000 Guests restriction.


On days like this, Cinderella Castle truly shines like the marvel it is.


Also back is Pirates of the Caribbean, which was down our last visit for its annual refurbishment.


Meanwhile, Guests could be found in a stretching queue for the new Young Oysters gachapon capsule toys at Adventureland Bazaar.


If you get misty-eyed about Trader Sam, rest assured that he lives on at Tokyo Disneyland as he has since 1983.


Over in Westernland, Cast Members have started selling water spraying fans as the heat ramps up in Japan. It hit as high as 26°C (78°F) today, which may not seem like a lot until you factor in mild humidity. The sweltering misery of Japan in August isn’t far off now.


Country Bear Jamboree is still performing for the time being. We haven’t heard word yet if the Country Bear Vacation Jamboree will return this year or not, but we certainly hope so!


Across the way, the Troubadour Tavern facade is still undergoing some restoration work.


With hardly anyone at the park, even Big Thunder Mountain hardly had a wait the whole day!


Meanwhile at the Haunted Mansion, the Stretching Room has once again returned thanks to the low capacity! This probably won’t last too long, it tends to go away once capacity hits 20,000 people.


Also undergoing facade work is Pleasure Island Candies, which is closed due to low capacity at the parks.


Today, a new candy case was released featuring Minnie and Figaro aboard one of the iconic tea cups on Alice’s Tea Party in Fantasyland.


Also new is this incredibly adorable it’s a small world popcorn bucket, which even opens up like the clock tower on the ride’s facade!


At Maurice’s Cottage, the covers have finally been removed from the standby clock and FastPass distribution signs for Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast. Still no word on when FastPass will return, however.


Early morning is the best time to visit Belle’s Village for sure, right when the sun hits the facade of Beast’s Castle.


Over in Toontown, construction on the North Mountain and the Fantasy Springs Hotel is growing more and more visible from inside Tokyo Disneyland. We can only hope there’s a plan to hide these sight lines a bit more effectively.


Entry Request was turned on all day for character greetings once again, including over at Minnie’s Style Studio. Her new costume debuted today, actually!


The primary location for the it’s a small world popcorn bucket was at The Big Pop, so naturally Guests filled up reservations to the brim. This, unfortunately, lead to the extended distanced queue stretching out and around the outside.


This wasn’t a unique problem to The Big Pop, however, as the low capacity lead to a dearth of counter service restaurants open around lunchtime. As such, even Tomorrowland Terrace faced longer waits stretching outside.

That’s the latest update from Tokyo Disneyland! Be sure to stay tuned to WDWNT as we keep you updated with the latest news from Tokyo Disney Resort and the other Disney Parks worldwide!

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