PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 6/24/21 (Cage Added to VelociCoaster Bypass Bridge, Short Lines for Food, Summer Crowds, and More)

Welcome to another busy day here at the Universal Orlando Resort. The lines to get through security have been pretty crazy lately, stretching through both the parking lots. Unfortunately, we did not arrive early enough to beat the rush.


The line does stop and go as Team Members direct the crowd of guests towards the security screening area. We have noticed people just completely leaving the line out of frustration, but with patience, you’ll get through in less time than you’d think. We’ve had some very long waits from time to time, but lately, things have moved quicker than expected.


It still is overwhelming to arrive to find crowds like these.


Once inside the park, things felt much more relaxed. The parks have been getting busier lately as the summer crowds begin to arrive, but attraction wait times aren’t too bad, considering the crowds.


Mobile Ordering was recently discontinued. The system really wasn’t practical for getting crowds through. Since the reopening, guests were required to wait in line to get a table and then place a Mobile Order. You were not able to Mobile Order and take your food to go, which required guests to occupy tables not only during the ordering process, but also while eating. Due to social distancing, there were fewer tables available inside restaurants, too. This is one of the main reasons for the very long lines for restaurants lately. Guests can once again wait in line and place an order at a register and then take it to go or find a table. These short lines around the park are a refreshing change.


Honestly can’t wait to eat in the parks again. The lines have been so long, we rarely have the opportunity to enjoy our favorite meals.


U Design kiosks around the parks have been getting upgraded and even themed. This new kiosk in Jurassic Outfitters advertises new Jurassic World magnets, but they were not available when we searched the options.


The bypass bridge from the Lost Continent to the VelociCoaster has recently received a cage to protect guests from objects that might fall from the coaster. You can see more details in our post here.


Green Eggs and Ham has reopened and we’re excited to dig into a big ol’ can of Who Hash.


As we made our way through CityWalk, we spotted some repairs being made to the pathway near the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.

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We also spotted some very interesting belly bags at one of the carts in CityWalk, near Margaritaville.


Over at Universal Studios Florida, the 5 & 10 was fully stocked with all sizes of Jack Halloween Horror Nights shirts. We can’t wait to see what preview merchandise is released next.


Most of the food locations at Universal Studios also had short lines, but the park also felt very quiet mid-afternoon.


We’re really enjoying these low crowds this afternoon!


Dennis Nedry’s “Panic Pete” squeeze toy is missing from the Control Room of the Tribute Store. Hopefully it wasn’t stolen and will be reinstalled on the desk again soon.


Did you know there are craft groups on Facebook where people make things to hide around the park? We found this little Frankenstein Duck. Items are hidden around the parks with notes stating it isn’t a lost item and is meant to be kept or hidden again.


Another U Design kiosk is being added in the 5 & 10, at the exit of the Bourne Stuntacular.


There’s not even a line at Chez Alcatraz. That might be our cue to grab a drink!


That’s all for this visit to the Universal Orlando Resort. Thanks for joining us around the parks today and be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

  1. We were there same time, waits for escape for gringots was a 5 hour wait. Most other rides were a minimum of an hour. Lines in all of the drink and snack lines were an hour as well.

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